Feel passionate about your future

Daily Inspirational Message – 08.02.18

Prepare ye the way of the Lord - Dr. Joe - 07.31.18

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

I had the chance to sit down with somebody today and they were passionate. Oh my gosh. They were so passionate.

Unfortunately, they were passionate about what their ex-husband had done to them. They were passionate about their financial situation, being in dire straits. They were passionate about their health condition and the declining health that they were in, and I thought, boy, I mean seriously passionate. Their voice was quivering. They turn red. They were shaking, the hair was standing up on the back of their neck when they were talking about their anger. I mean, it was remarkable.

Here’s what I was thinking. If you are that passionate about things you don’t want. Imagine if you were passionate that passionate about the things you desire in your life. Imagine what would happen if you were that passionate. You spoke that passionately about your future and about the things that are unfolding in to your world. The things that you desire and dream of.

Imagine if you had to be passionate about. How you would change the energy and the focus and how things would manifest in your life. Many people feel very passionate about their pain and their hurt, and I understand that. I’m sure I feel that way and at times too, but what I’m realizing is that passion is not. It’s not well placed. It’s not energy in the right direction.

Feel passionate about your future, feel passionate about what’s going to happen in the next part of your life. Feel passionate about your intentions, desires and your dreams. Let that be where the energy flows. So have a great Thursday. We’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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