Lori Savage

I have been looking at Gratitude in multiple ways in the last few weeks beyond my ordinary contemplation. Gratitude is such important in our
teaching, so much so that it has its very own step in prayer.

In prayer, Gratitude is an affirmation of what already is – we affirm that our desire has already been fulfilled in mind – and that which we desire is on its way to us so we are grateful and say “Thank you”. We know that whatever needs to happen on the physical plane is happening. We may
be called to a certain action, our intuition my lead us to a conversation
we might not have otherwise had -we begin to listen with expectant ears for the guidance that comes from within our hearts. We have a sense of it, whatever it is, being done and we make way for the arrival of our desires.

Today, I want to talk about the idea of being grateful for all that is already before us, Yes, everything! Not waiting for that next thing to arrive not even worrying so much about naming what is before us now good or bad, but instead knowing that everything is here for us. That no matter what the appearance may be there is always something about every situation we can use to further our journey. So if something is showing up that perhaps is a little soar just squeeze that lemon, get every drop of juice out of that experience, and add a bit of sugar – that old saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade came out of our inherent ability turn sour into sweet – to find the good in everything, yes EVERYTHING!

Today, are you willing to be grateful for it all? To look at everything on your path and use it to wake yourself up to your own brilliance?

Have at it! Namaste – Lori

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