Brad Wentker
Brad Wentker RScP

Hello. This Brad Wentker. I’m a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert. Today’s Dial An Inspiration includes a meditation from the Science of Mind textbook. 

I accept the fullness of my own divine well-being. Within myself is that which is perfect, that which is complete, that which is divine; that which was never born and cannot die; that which lives, which is God—the Eternal Reality. Within myself is peace, poise, power, wholeness and happiness.

All the power that there is and all the presence that there is, and all the life that there is, is God—the Living Spirit Almighty—and this Divine and Living Spirit is within me. It is Wholeness. It is never weary. It is never tired. It is Life. It is complete Peace.  It is never afraid; It is never confused. It is always poised and peaceful. It is always in a state of perfect equilibrium. 
Dr. Robert Bitzer, the senior minister at the Hollywood Religious Science Church for over 55 years, often said; “This teaching is as easy as falling off a log.” Can’t we really sum up this teaching by saying we are individualized expressions of the One Life that is God. That’s a pretty amazing expression don’t you think? That’s all this meditation really says.

I encourage you, throughout today,  to either call in to hear this message again; or at least, many times, pause, and take a slow breath and remind yourself “Within myself is that which is perfect.” Thank you for your listening. Namaste. 

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