Dale Olansky RScP
Dale Olansky RScP

People who subscribe to the philosophy of Science of Mind are oftentimes ridiculed for being pollyannas. Because we hold the expectation for only the best to manifest in all situations, and we see the good in everything seems to rile some people up and accuse us of not seeing “reality” and ignoring “facts”. The truth is that we are doing neither of those.

Followers of Science of Mind do not ignore reality or facts, but we do know that life is fluid and changeable, and our thoughts create our reality. This means that if something that has arisen that may be a challenge, we do not become victims of circumstance. Instead, we call forth a higher truth: That
we have the power to call forth the creative energy of Spirit to change anything that is going on in our lives. When we recognize that and know that wonderful possibilities can arise and turn any situation around for the better, we activate Spiritual Law to do just that. The more we immerse our thinking in this Truth, the greater our life becomes. I have adopted mantra that I use constantly that brings so much good into my life, and I would like to share it with you to use.

It is this: “Everything always works out perfectly in my life, and the way it does brings me great joy.” Imagine how amazing your life could be if you made this declaration to the Universe everyday! Knowing this invites the perfect outcomes for anything that comes up in life. In addition, if this is your belief, everything will naturally unfold perfectly without having to do anything but believe. It’s pretty simple!

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