Lori Savage

Grace is a give in, it just is. It is not something that needs to be earned, as a matter of fact one of the definitions of grace is an unearned blessing. So how does this square with the Science of mind concept of mental equivalents? Which simply puts means we get what we are equal. For everything belief there is a corresponding experience.

The belief or thought will always be equal to the demonstration or form or visa versa, they are two sides of the same coin. The first time I heard the definition of Grace being that of an unearned blessing, I had a hard time wrapping my mind around it. I started with a belief that I had to work hard for everything I received. I spent a long time dismantling that belief and instead came to understand it was my consciousness where the real work needed to be done.

All work begins and ends in mind, every action flow out from our thoughts. If we believe we have to work hard, so it is, if we believe life is a joy and everything, I desire comes to me with ease and grace, so it is. I get to choose. Ernest Holmes say that “Grace is the self-givingness of Spirit. In other words, Grace is, but we need to recognize it – it is a logical result of the correct relationship to Spirit.”

I believe beyond our relationship to spirit is the understanding that we are Spirit. We are one with this Divine thing called Life, called Love, called God and as such we are swimming in a sea of Grace. Our job is simply to allow. Allow what? Allow all the Good that is available to us, which is all the Goo that is! Or as Ernest Holmes would say “Freedom is a divine reality”! We get to choose whether we live in that reality or one that is constrained, not by some outside force, but by an internal construct.

Are you willing to throw yourself into the Divine flow? Are you willing to remember who you are? Are you willing to accept that your good is right where you are? Are you willing to know that Grace is a give in and allow the Divine flow to carry you with ease wherever you choose to go? Do you believe that all good is yours now? If so, then so it is! Grace is a give in – remember all is well, in all ways, Always.

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