Cheryl Guess
Cheryl Guess

Hi, this is Cheryl Guess, a Practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert, California.

“That which is termed negative… can have a very positive influence… as those emotions can become a catalyst for growth in the awareness of Truth.” 1 Humans, as often is the case, tend to label all of our experiences.
Situations and circumstances typically are determined to be “good” or “bad” with varying shades of gray in between. By labeling conditions that appear in our lives, we can then define them according to what we believe. The same holds true for the emotions surrounding the experience. We define just how significant the experience is with words that reflect the emotion we are feeling.

Therefore, when we are confronted with “negative” situations that resemble some past condition, we are “triggered” to express the same type of emotions, to varying degrees. We then, clutching tightly to our false beliefs, continue to create a pattern of negative effects. We experience the same negative effects of our false thinking reflected over and over again in our lives. Sadly, most of the time we do not discern the pattern, and feel a sense of helplessness, as though some outside factor created the misery we are experiencing. We do not recognize that our thinking is creating our reality, and the intense feelings generated within us are actually making us mentally and physically ill. We cannot see the opportunity to heal ourselves, by healing our thinking.

Where are you creating negative conditions in your life? I invite you to examine your thoughts, and find the answer within yourself. Reveal the truth, and heal your heart.

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