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Lori Savage

Joseph Campbell is one of my favorite authors, speakers and teachers so I wanted to share some thoughts on something I read recently. “Our experiences of life come out of one of two conclusions: Nature is itself a manifestation of God or divinity OR We believe in opposites – Good and Evil, if we identify with this model we are compelled to side with good and fight evil. “

The metaphor or conclusion you choose to engage in will shape your experience of life. It reminds me of the Einstein quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” So, on one end we can engage the conclusion that nothing is a miracle, it all just random and out of our control and we live on a cold blue ball hurling thought space with lots of sets of opposites or we can live as thought everything is a miracle and we live in, on, though and as God.

God is all there is, and we get to choose what level we want to live God at, and we get to create anything we choose. Here is the catch you can and will only create out of your belief and it all begins with you underlaying belief in the universe. Is it a cold hard place– it is an amazing place that support you unconditionally? or some where in between? Look for yourself, notice which belief you align with most and ask yourself is this the belief I want to experience? If not – simply begin to look for evidence to support the belief you choose.

This is the simplest way to change a belief and in fact you don’t even have to change it, you can simply shift the focus of your attention to the belief that interest you most! The rest will take care of itself. The old belief will just wither. If you having trouble write down all the evidence you can find that life is a miracle , that it is amazing, and God is everywhere – Try it! See God in everything – and remember all is well, always and in all ways!

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