Brad Wentker
Brad Wentker RScP

Hello this is Brad Wentker.  A Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science for Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert. Today is November 6th. 

Today’s Dial An Inspiration includes a reading from the book 365 Days of Richer Living. Written by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker.  

We teach and we begin our affirmative prayers with ‘There’s one life, that life is God, that life is my Life.’  We teach and are always striving for a deeper understanding and acceptance of the fact that this is true for us, always. With this one life being God, and with me being in and of this one life, then what’s true about God is also true about me. And this is also true about everyone I meet. So let’s know together these words.

At the Center of My Being is Peace. In this peace which holds me so gently, I feel strength and protection from all fear, all anxieties. It is the peace of God, and underneath it all, I feel the love of the holy presence. As I become more conscious of this love all lack, all fear, all that is false, slips away as mist fades in the morning sunshine. I see God in everything, personified in all people, manifest in every moment.

I’m knowing Peace fills your life today. Namaste.  

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