Dale Olansky RScP
Dale Olansky RScP

One of the biggest impediments to our living an authentic and free existence is the inner judge. The inner judge is that annoying voice inside of us that invalidates us, tears us down, and makes us feel terrible about who we are. However, since we are all in charge of our own consciousness, we have the power to fire the inner judge at any time. We can silence it, and live a happier life. So how do we do that? First, we begin by paying attention to our inner dialog so that we recognize when the inner judge is starting in on us. When we hear phrases such as,
“You should have done that differently,” or “That was a stupid thing to say,” we know the
inner judge has taken over our consciousness. Normally we just slip into default and
allow it to speak to us until there is nothing left of our self-esteem. However, we can
begin to take our power back by being aware of when the inner judge is speaking. Once
we aware of it, then we can move to step two. In step two, we consciously divest the
inner judge of its power by telling it to shut up. That’s right! Tell it you are not going to
listen to it any longer. We are the only ones who can stop allowing the inner judge to
have power over us. Once that is done, we move right into step three. In step three, we
bring in a bigger power to replace it, and that power is Spirit. When we recognize the
presence of our higher power, the inner judge goes away. Because Spirit never judges
us and simply loves us unconditionally, our entire beingness changes when we detach
from the inner judge. Once the inner judge has been completely divested of its
power, we can be who we are without judgment, and be in the flow of life.
When we put conscious intention on removing our inner judge, it will show up less and
less. Once we have flipped the power within ourselves, even if it does pop up, we can
easily put it in its place. This is really all about creating a consciousness of pure love.
Not just love for others, but love for ourselves as well. When we are immersed in love,
there is no room for the inner judge.

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