Dr. Laura Shackelford
Dr. Laura

Today is Valentine’s Day so I want to share a poem by

Emmet Fox on love:


There is no difficulty that enough love

will not conquer; No disease that enough love

will not heal; No door that enough love

will not open; No gulf that enough love

will not bridge; No wall that enough love

will not throw down; No sin that enough love                                   

will not redeem.

It makes no difference how deeply

seated may be the trouble, how hopeless

the outlook, how muddled the tangle,

how great the mistake; a sufficient realization        

of love will dissolve it all. 

If only you could love enough

you would be the happiest and most

powerful being in the world.

  • Emmet Fox

Isn’t that beautiful?  Today being Valentine’s day we focus on love.  Imagine the world if every day, every hour, every minute we focused on love, what amazing changes there would be.

Much love to you today and always!

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