The Spiritual Perfection of Mankind 06.29.2020

Brad Wentker
Brad Wentker RScP

Hello. My name is Brad Wentker. I’m a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Center for Spiritual Living Palm Desert.

Every morning I read a few paragraphs or pages from the Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes. Here’s a quote I’d like us to think about today. “It is easy to believe that God is perfect. We must also believe that the spiritual man is perfect, and since it is difficult to believe that the objective man is perfect, we must confine our statements (and thoughts) to a realization of the spiritual perfection of man.”

First, please excuse the 100-year-old gender use in this quote. Now, let me share my take on this quote.

We believe that God is perfect. And that this one life is God. So the expanded thinking that Holmes is asking us to delve into is to recognize that when we look around our life, the effects of life we may not be able to label as perfect. However, Holmes invites us to see the spiritual perfection of the life around us. Particularly the spiritual perfection of man. Of mankind. The spiritual perfection of our fellow human beings.

Think about it. If I’m observing something I’m labeling as injustice, and I observe, in my opinion, one human-being being mean to another human-being, can you feel the lightness of the observation if I choose to believe and know that the people I’m observing are spiritually perfect. I get it, in the objective, physical side of life, I may want to label them a jerk. But I know my consciousness, coming from a judgmental place as that, will not contribute to any healing. So I spend much of my spiritual practice time expanding my understanding and perception that we are all spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws. And, as often as I can, I must believe that people are spiritually perfect, and though I may see them doing stupid stuff, I want to know, prayer and meditate about, and realize the spiritual perfection of man.

Thank you for your listening.


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