Dr. Laura Shackelford
Dr. Laura Shackelford Assistant Minister

In my book study, “Do You QuantumThink,” we were taught that we have the belief that life is an either/or proposition as far as points of view are concerned.  But what if the truth is that rather than either/or  we approached everything from the position of both/and?

Think about it, a point of view different from your own might be worth contemplating.  Sometimes it’s not easy hearing an idea that is different from the one you hold, but rather than immediately going to that place of either/or what if we just stop and think, what if that other point of view is correct, too?  What if we would just stop and think that there is a both/and perspective?  We must trust that answers to problems arrive in more than one way. Sometimes they come through us and other times they come to us. 

What good has come from, “My way is the right and only way, and you’re wrong”?   Throughout the history of humanity, that belief that one group is right or good and the other group is wrong or evil has caused so much conflict and in some instances death.  Isn’t it overdue that we as humanity be open to looking at opposite points of view from a different angle and actually listen to others with an open mind and especially an open heart?   If we do that, we just may learn something new.  Isn’t it worth doing that? 

Unfortunately, many people say they believe in and worship the great master teacher Jesus, but what many tend to do is worship the teacher rather than worship and live the message.  I believe the second coming is when we are living that message of love and oneness.  I know I am ready, are you?

Thank you for being a Light in the world and have a wonderful day!

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