Rev. Dale Olansky
Rev. Dale Olansky

Emmet Fox, a New Thought writer from the early twentieth century wrote that sometimes we put out a “do not disturb” sign on our brains, and we close ourselves off to new ideas or a better way of living life. I would like to take this idea a little further. I think sometimes we put the “do not disturb” sign up to Spirit, but we don’t realize it.

As we navigate through our life circumstances, normally we just operate on the inner status quo to make choices and rely upon our habitual problem-solving skills to move ourselves forward. It is easy to forget that there is a greater power for us to tap into that provides us with answers, insights, and the ability to turn anything around for the better, and that Power is Spirit. When our focus is narrow, we may forget to widen our view and see all the answers that lie outside of our familiar thoughts and ideas. When that happens, it is time to remove the “do not disturb” sign from our mental door and let God in. 

When the “do not disturb” sign is out, we feel stuck and limited. A practice you can use when you become aware of this feeling is to visualize yourself removing the “do not disturb” sign from your mind, open the door and invite Divine Intelligence into your awareness. Then just allow yourself to experience the expansion of consciousness that will naturally unfold as the ideas and guidance flow.

When we continually recognize the energy of God is everywhere all the time, and we are that Energy, the “do not disturb” sign disappears, and we can easily access the greater consciousness that we are. Life is certainly a lot easier when we realize there is a power greater than our little self that is always there for us to use, and when we invite it in, life is absolutely amazing

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