Rev. Lori Savage

Hero’s choose what they want, being in many places at once experiencing many possibilities at once – then collapsing on the one”

Basketball kid “What the bleep” –one of my all-time favorite movies.

We have a habit of thinking of things as already being – but instead there are infinite movements of consciousness – I choose the way in which I move.

Most of our day is repetitious – something like 90% of our thoughts and actions are driven by our subconscious mind. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If we had to consciously think about every move we make in a day, it would be exhausting.

The key is to make the 10% really count and expand until we are experiencing what we desire.

What if we developed a new habit – what if we found a simple way to “hack” our minds so that we could really make our 10% count? What if it were simple and we could do it with ease?

Maybe it is as easy as simply stopping throughout the day – spending a few minutes focusing on our breath and asking a good question – one that invites us to observe the ‘many possibilities’ until we see the one that is for us.

The question might be as simply is what “wants to happen through me today?” Find a question that works for you – just make sure it is spacious and invites you to observe possibility.

Listen – enjoy dancing in infinite possibilities, keep looking until that thing which is yours to experience comes forward from the nature of your being as the energetic creative genius of the universe.

 Let go of the idea of “how” and know that the how is inherent in the what.  Simply breath into infinite possibilities and allow one to choose you. Once you do know– the universe, though you will bring forth all that is necessary to fulfill the experience.

Stop, Breath, ask a GOOD question that invites you to dance in infinite possibility, allow, remember who you are, and know you are supported 100% and all is well, always and in all ways.

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