Memie Nichols
Memie Nichols RScP

You, like all people, represent a composite idea of the Godhead and Its qualities of unconditional love, wholeness, intelligence, divine right action, and order. All of this is within you, but it must e activated. Once activated, it must be consciously practiced until it becomes second nature to you.

   Your first nature is Spirit. But at times you have allowed your second nature—your habitual patterns and false beliefs—to take precedence over your first nature. When thoughts of lack, limitation, doubt and fear are lodged in the subjective mind, a groove is forged and a habit is created. These habits begin to dictate our experience.

   Affirmative prayer regrooves those hard-held places in consciousness where mental habits have taken up residence.

Through daily habits of affirmative prayer, you direct your conscious mind to impress your subconscious mind with thoughts of positivity , with words of truth of who and what you really are. A new pattern of mental and emotional response is regrooved into our consciousness.

Experiment with it, make it your own.

   Today refuse to play by dictates od personal “bad” or “good” history. Play as a free Spirit that is bound only by the habits of love and wisdom. Don’t miss your meditation and prayer time. Use it to immerse yourself in the qualities of the Spirit. You will than demonstrate that the Spirit has no limitation in its expression as you. The love that you are knows no boundaries. As you learn to go deep in prayer, our first nature and your second nature will come into harmony and balance. Seeming miracles will take place. Go forth and multiply the consciousness of miracles. I know you can.

Affirmation:  I recognize and appreciate the God-self dwelling within me. I give this Presence that is my very life the freedom to be itself in, as, and through me.

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