Michael Curcuru, RScP

Michael Curcuru, practitioner.

Today’s Dial an Idea: “Welcome, Bright Lights”

What is ours to do, in Science of Mind, is to make welcome (affirm) Spiritual Truth.

In invite us now, to say, affirmatively together, “Welcome, Bright Lights.”

“Welcome, Bright Lights,” were the opening words, my kindergarten teacher spoke, to our class,

class, on my very first day of school. I still remember those words. I still remember her name.

But mostly, I remember, how valued and how worthwhile, the words she spoke, made me feel.

Dr. Tom Costa, often made welcome, at the beginning of his sermons, the same “Bright Light”

sentiment, in his own words: “You are a valuable and worthwhile individual.” Raymond Charles

Barker made welcome, the same “Bright Light” sentiment in these words: “I am open and receptive

To God’s guidance. I am filled completely with the Light and Spirit of Truth.

Ernest Holmes writes this: “I see that the future is bright with promise. It beckons me forward into a

more complete realization of my own worth and my rightful place in the Universe.” He further shares,

“We must first clarify our own vision, then we shall become as lights, lighting the way for others.”

Holmes speaks of the “Bright” of promise, and the “Light” of clarity of vision. As we make welcome, the

“Bright” of promise, and the “Light” of clarity in our Souls, we transform the world without, by shining

shining forth our bright heartlight of love within and allowing our heartlight to become God’s headlight.

the outer experience of the world without, into the unity and harmony of as in Heaven as so on earth.

As we embody, express, and make welcome the Spiritual Truth, that we are “Bright Lights,” we become

not only a lamp unto our feet, lighting the way forward, we become a “Bright Light” for many others.

We come to companion others home, to the knowing, of as in Heaven, as so on earth.

“Bright Lights” all.

Be well. Stay Conscious. Namaste.

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