Rev. Lori Savage

I love this quote by my friend Rick Tamlyn, author of the Bigger Game he says:

“The antidote to doubt is not confidence or courage, it’s commitment.”

Hearing that really activated something inside me. I wondered how many times I stopped moving forward before I even started, because I thought I had to wait until I felt brave enough or until my doubt subsided. I am, fairly sure, I have confused my doubt with my voice of wisdom a time or two. How about you? That is because doubt can sound very reasonable and may even make some good points.

God knows if I wanted until I felt courageous, I might never move. Not to say I never feel courageous I am just not sure that is a good “go sign” for me. BUT, commitment that is a whole different paradigm. When I look at what really matters to me and I am willing to demonstrate what I value in my life , when I am committed to it – like no kidding committed, my path is always made clear.

Commitment to something that matters sends an unmistakable message to universal creative energy, it is a clear “Go sign”. As we teach and know the creative energy of the universe works thought a law that only says yes! But we must give it something to say yes to.

So, my question for you today is what are you committed to? And are you willing to demonstrate that commitment in a clear way today?

Emerson said:

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.”

What ever it is for you stick with it. Know you are supported unconditionally.

And remember all is well, in all ways, always.

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