Gail Morton
Rev. Gail Morton

Dr. Joe frequently referred to himself as a metaphysician. But what is metaphysics?
Metaphysics or metaphysical simply means beyond the physical; that which transcends the
physical. It is a word that invites us to look beyond the physical world in which we live, which is
what generally gets most of our attention. Yes, we experience situations, conditions and facts
in this physical world, but what is really important is how we are in relation to these facts and
What I mean by how we are in our circumstances is we can get caught up in our anger, in our
frustration, in our disbelief around what we are experiencing or, we can consider what is in our
experience or situation that we be grateful for, what is trying to emerge as our lives or what is
trying to grow and evolve through this experience. In other words, seeing our lives beyond just
our physical reality.
A huge part of metaphysical teachings is that there is a Power, there is an Intelligent Energy,
there is a Presence that is both the creator of all that is seen and unseen AND if this energy is
everywhere present, it is who I am and it is who you are – 100%. And so what we do with our
beliefs, our thoughts, our words and our actions is we take the nonphysical energy that is
flowing though us and is us and…we give it physical form. That is metaphysics. You have
probably also heard this called using the law of cause and effect or maybe, thoughts are things.
So what the term metaphysics reminds us is that it is important for me to be aware of, not only
the physical aspects of life around me, but also what is going on beyond the physical; beyond
what I can experience with my five senses. That is metaphysics 101!

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