Michael Curcuru, RScP

Today’s Dial an Idea: “Windows”

I invite each of us to reflect upon which window are we living, looking, and seeing through.

It is said, “The eyes are the windows of our soul.” “Love is the window of our heart.” “Life is the window of our thoughts.” Ernest Holmes shares, “The man who clearly realizes his Oneness with all Good should have strong, clear eyesight!” Science of Mind’s ten core principles guide us to the right-sight of an ever-evolving goodness of awareness, which transcends our precedent beliefs, values, and attitudes.

There is a story, that addresses the ever-evolving goodness of awareness, in our lives. It is a story that shares of the ‘apparent of conditions’ and of the ‘Absolute of Consciousness’ present therein.

The story is of a woman who observes her neighbor’s laundry through her back-kitchen window. The woman complains of how dingy the neighbor’ laundry is. And of how someone should tell the neighbor how to do laundry correctly. 

The next week the neighbor’s laundry is beautifully white and bright with colors.  The woman states, “finally someone taught her how to do laundry right!” To which her husband replies, “Honey, I do not know how to tell you this, but…I cleaned our kitchen windows.

I invite us, to make welcome, the awareness, of which window we are looking through. And to know, we are at choice, as to which window we are living, looking, and seeing through. And as to which window we are opening, which window we are closing, which window we are choosing to sit before.

Beloveds all. Be well. Stay conscious. Namaste….

…and Happy Window Cleaning!

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