Gail Morton
Rev. Gail Morton

Within New Thought teachings, we often use the term “co-creator” and being “at cause”.  But what do these terms really mean?  Well, being “at cause” is short for being “at the point of causation”.  The foundation behind these terms is that there is One Infinite Source Energy that is Eternal, Everywhere Present and Omni-Active.  As this Energy is both Eternal and Infinite, you and I are its unique expressions.  We could not be anything else.  Spirit experiences itself through our material creation.  Therefore, all Spirit is, we are, which means we are also creating our experiences within ourselves.  This is what makes us both a “co-creator” and, at the same time, “at cause.”  We do this by being intentional with all that we embody, our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. 

So, as a “co-creator”, you cause things to happen.  You are not in the parade.  You are leading the parade.  This is our New Thought belief system.   But, as you enjoy the fireworks,  please remember that “co-creator” is a working title and comes with great responsibility.  There is both power and freedom in this Divine gift but, let’s not forget the primary engine here is, and always will be, Love.  Unconditional Love is a majestic term for sure, but how it appears is in the streets of your world is in acts of kindness and in gracious words. 

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