Holiday hangover! 01.03.2021

Cheryl Guess
Rev. Cheryl Guess

Now that the holiday season is over, do you sometimes feel like you have a holiday hangover, a feeling that you are in a low energy mode?  After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, even during COVID, do you feel a bit of a letdown after everything is over?

Being one of those people that finds joy in so many things in my life, I still have those days when my energy level is not where I believe it should be.  Even though I have accomplished so much during the holidays, at times I think I have not done as much as I could’ve done. I find myself in a bluesy sort of mood. And then I start questioning why I’m not happy or feeling the joy that I usually feel.  It feels as though there’s some sort of lack in my life. Then I fall into the “shoulda and coulda” thoughts of failing to meet my usual standards, or beating myself up over bad decisions I made in the past.

My dear friend Rev. Gail Morton pointed something out to me that that helped me let go of these feelings around negative or low energy.

Instead of feeling less than, why not just lean into that feeling of low energy?  Give yourself a break!  Spent the day reading a good book or watching a movie, anything that allows your energy level to rest.  Acknowledge that these feelings are transitory, and do not defining who and what you are. 

Just let go and relax into that feeling of low energy.  That’s not to say you allow yourself to wallow in this feeling for days! It’s just part of being human and it’s OK to feel this way at times.  I know that I will soon be back to the jubilant joy that innately is my natural state of being!

Have a Happy and Joy-filled New Year!


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