Let It Grow 01.04.2021

Rev. Dale Olansky
Rev. Dale Olansky

January is such a spectacular time to leave the past behind and call forth newness into our lives. However, creating anything new normally doesn’t happen instantaneously. It starts with a desire that leads to an idea, and from there it requires time for it to unfold. In our excitement to make changes in our lives, if we remember that creating a new reality may take time, we are less likely to be discouraged if the change doesn’t happen in our self-imposed timeline. 

Creating change follows the same natural progression that we see when growing vegetation from a seed. Just like the seed, our idea germinates and grows into a new reality after moving through several stages of growth, and each stage is wonderful to behold.

If you are feeling called to make changes in your life, see yourself as the gardener of your soul and plant the seeds, nurture them, and welcome the growth as your change takes root and blossoms into the reality you are ready to experience.

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