You create your own reality. 01.08.2021

Dr. Laura Shackelford

I thought I would talk about what happened on Wednesday at the capitol building.  I know in my lifetime the closest events to what happened were the protests against the Vietnam War.  I believed we were done with that as a nation.  I thought incorrectly.

I am doing a book study on Tuesdays at 4:30 p.m. beginning January 19th.   We will be reading Neale Donald Walsch’s new book The God Solution.

I want to share a quote with you from that book:  “The exterior events of physical life are being created co-jointly by all of us.  It is our interior response to those events that we are creating individually.  And that is what is meant by the teaching:  ‘You create your own reality.’”

There are probably some of you thinking, “Well, Dr. Laura I had nothing to do with what happened in Washington D.C.”  And my response is, “Did you automatically go to anger or did you send love to the situation?”  That doesn’t mean we condone violent behavior but it does mean that I don’t need to be part of the problem by sending out negative energy into the universe.  What I send out comes back to me.    

I don’t understand why those people did what they did – I may have an idea because of what I saw and heard on the news –  but how do I know what they are going through, what they are feeling, why they felt it was their duty to do what they did?  How can I say I know because I just don’t know. I don’t know what’s in their hearts, minds, and souls.  But I do know what is my responsibility.  My responsibility to myself and the world is how I live my life and how I show up each day, each moment.  I choose love.  Do I reflect that 100 percent of the time?  Absolutely not.  But if I didn’t practice love and understanding, all of this that is going on would create chaos, fear, and anger in my life.  I will take love and peace any day.  I prefer to send that out rather than hate and chaos.  

How about you?  I hope you join me in my book study.  It may give you a different perspective on life and our fellow inhabitants on Earth and how we relate.

Blessings to you!


  1. Sheila O'Brien on January 17, 2021 at 10:22 am

    I am in complete agreement with your gracious self and am joining in your book study on the 19th!
    Many blessings and much love always…..

  2. Sheila O'Brien on January 17, 2021 at 10:23 am

    What moderation….

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