The law of attraction is the most precious permission we hold to our heart. It is how we can describe the universe’s natural inclination toward benefit and growth. When we are ready to attract benefit and growth, then we are in line with the flow of reality, and we begin to see it everywhere we look.

What is the origin of LOA?

The Law of Attraction is an ancient concept. It has appeared in Eastern and Western religions and it does not require any particular affiliation. It was popularized this century by the book, The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, but there have been many books and teachings through the ages.

The law itself originates within the basic laws of nature, much like gravity and magnetics. If we put out a certain energy (for lack of a better term) then we start to notice the same energy in others, much like a confirmation bias. 

If we are constantly seeing things through the lens of excessive negativity, then no news at all will seem positive to us. If we wear our rose-tinted glasses, then yes, everything looks pretty in pink.

Our state of mind amplifies emotions, thoughts, and sensations, and in return, these things appear to amplify our state of mind. Break this cycle. Acknowledge your power of clarity and wisdom, regardless of what appears for you. When we realize our potency and our capacity, then we can move towards greater and greater things no matter what thoughts and emotions appear for us. 

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” – Buddha

Buddha’s words might sound frightening, if we believe that the culmination of our thoughts is all that we can amount to. But Buddha did not say this to scare us. He said this to free our minds from the suffering of thoughts.

Freedom in the Here and Now

No moment is beyond our ability to attract benefit because the only time we ever get to experience reality’s bounty is right here, right now. 

The law of attraction does not promise you: success, health, beauty, wealth or any other description. What it guarantees is that regardless of appearances, you will cultivate your own wellbeing through your spiritual practice.

Your practice is the natural release of thoughts and emotions. Whenever you remember to do so, you free your mind from its attachment to hopes and fears, and what remains? Love that spreads out into the universe like a ray of sunshine. 

Love is a ripple in space-time, people can see it on your face, they can hear it in your voice, they can feel it in your touch, they can sense it in your writing. It has nothing to do with positive or negative emotions. Love draws out love. It’s natural. Simultaneously, hate begets hate. 

You cannot wait for hate to subside. You have to be the first to tune into love because you know now, that’s how you want to be. That’s what you’re manifesting. You manifest love by being love, and luckily for all of us, that is the natural state of a human being.

Where does Attraction come from?

The power to attract what we want in the world comes from our surrender to the universe. You can use prayer, meditation, sermons, religious study, or conversation to actualize this. You learn to recognize that however your world unfolds, therein lies your power to manifest desires. But manifest sounds so passive. 

We are not passive. We are actively making space for growth and change in our lives, so that we can receive that benefit. We make realistic requests of the universe and we move towards those requests because we are really asking them of ourselves.

The problem with relying on something outside of ourselves to make us happy, is that there is nothing in the universe separate from our own mind. You are not sending an email out to the abyss, asking for a new car. You are building up your own capacity to afford that car. That is manifestation. It is magic and it is not magic.

Manifestation is the evidence of your innate power to attract benefit.

By taking away the mystery of manifestation, you are left with your empowered being, which has always drawn forth what it desires from the universe. You are here because you chose to be. That is the law of attraction. That is your birthright, the power to desire, the power to perform, the power to feel gratitude.

Gratitude Magnet

Gratitude is our only ability to feel fulfilled. Without gratitude, there are only platitudes thrown out to the universe like the bones of Easter dinner. There will always be those flat, positive affirmations, but they cannot give us lasting happiness. We don’t want fake thanks. We don’t want niceties. We want raw power, like a huge electromagnet, drawing towards us, benefit and goodwill. 

Gratitude energizes us, it fuels us for the next big step, whatever that may be for you. It reminds us that we have enough. We have all that we could ever need. From that understanding, we step towards “more” because we know that we are stable with what we have and we are capable of even greater things.

Karmic Bomb

No matter what you’ve done, no matter what you’ve experienced, if you feel uncontrived gratitude for yourself and your life, you explode all the ideas of sin, karma, and shame. You blow open all preconceptions of need. You throw off the shrapnel of not-enough, and you seek shelter in your own arms.

That is what Buddha taught us. We are already free, we are already enlightened. But how do you know this? How can you experience it? Your ability to feel gratitude is your acknowledgement of the law of attraction.

Whenever you naturally remember to do so, think of what you are grateful for, who you are grateful to, when you will show your gratitude, and how. Live in the perfect alignment with reality that is your birthright. Bask in the glowing love that you have always been, and will be forever. Notice how that love encircles you always and in all ways.


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