Healing Affirmations

Healing Affirmations

Healing affirmations can be healing. How? Your thoughts have an impact on you. Not because they are inherently powerful on their own, but because your attention fuels them. You lend power to what you pay attention to. Your intelligence is inexhaustible and you are free to think about anything at all, but that doesn’t mean that all thoughts feel “healthy”.

When you are feeling tired, ill, or just low, it is beneficial to return to your inner world and witness what’s been going on there. Awareness is healing. Healing awareness is our ability to turn a negative experience into a transformative one. It is our right to stop describing things as good or bad, and perceive the benefit in all experience.

What is an Affirmation?

A healing affirmation is a confirmation to ourselves that we are on the right path. We are already healing our hearts and our minds, just by showing up for ourselves. We are already empowered to take care of ourselves and to be our own best friends.

There are many things outside of our control, but our adaptability is always within our control. Our responsiveness is always within our control. How we move through pain and agony is within our power to benefit ourselves and others.

What isn’t an Affirmation?

An affirmation is not a wish. It is not something we continue seeking, or begging for. We don’t affirm in ourselves that we are lacking anything because there is nothing we could lack. We cannot honestly believe that we will be okay only once that thing is achieved. We are okay right now.

But this is how we’ve been taught to think of affirmations. We’ve been taught to seek the end of suffering, to want to heal our deficiencies. We are not a work-in-progress. We are already intelligent and pure and perfect.

A healing affirmation is not a to-do list, nor is it a grocery list. It is the wisdom to see beyond our present circumstances and acknowledge how all things are resolved for us in this moment and all moments.

How can we heal through affirmation

How can we Heal through Healing Affirmation?

When we understand that our attention to the inner mind holds the healing energy we require, then we start to notice subtle changes. Bringing awareness to habits takes away their power. Bringing awareness to pain allows pain to dissolve naturally. Bringing awareness to hurt and injury empowers us to move through the damage with trust and love.

Love yourself. It’s the simplest and most effective way to make it through anything. If you have undying love for your own light, then you can shine that light on your present experience and you can shine that light on other people. Let go of inhibitions that say you are a victim.

From Victim to Victor

When we are caught in an unpleasant or dangerous situation, we are not always able to protect ourselves or our loved ones. Damage to the mind or the body can be excruciating to the spirit. Affirmations come spontaneously. They come directly from God.

They are God’s reminder that you will carry on and you will heal. No matter what has been done to you, no matter what you have done, your access to God’s healing love is always granted. Knowing this is one thing, but affirming it again and again takes courage and practice.

Rather than force yourself to feel okay with the most difficult things in your life, it sometimes helps to start small. Start with a stubbed toe. Check in with yourself. Are you alright? Will you make it through a headache or a broken bone?

Whenever you can, just acknowledge that fundamental part of you that is always okay. You will be able to push through the more challenging experiences with gentle reminders. You will also do well to remember that you’re not alone.

Asking for help is another way to affirm that we are held in God’s perfect expanse and we are loved like we could never know. Sometimes when we can’t see the light, our loved ones confirm that the sun does still shine. Sometimes they can even help us open our eyes.

The Work of Prayer

The work of Prayer

I spoke about prayer once before and it’s helpful to return to that post for more information about the shape a prayer can take. When praying for healing, it’s important to be very clear about your own power as an individualization of God’s power.

You are bestowed with all the loving energy to live your life to the fullest. Your prayer is your golden thread through the labyrinth of heartbreak, illness, pain and even death. Even in the face of death, you can learn stability and peace through your connection to the source of all things.

There is so much potency just to know that you are supposed to be here and you are a part of something so much greater than yourself. There is power in every action that you take when you know instinctively that you are worthy, you are loved, and you are the same intelligence that created this entire universe.

Simple Healing Affirmations

Even in pain, I am capable.

Even in pain, I am beneficial.

I am beneficial even when I’m feeling sad, anxious, angry, or scared.

My beneficial nature never falters even if my body or my mood does.

Even when I’m sick, I’m okay.

I am okay because I am still myself.

No matter what happens to me, my mind remains open, vast and free.

I acknowledge the injury I’ve faced and I acknowledge all my suffering.

I have the power to overcome exactly what I’ve been faced with.

I do it with grace. I ask for support. I open myself to my loved ones and to myself.

I empower myself in every moment, step by step through the storm.

I am held in the loving light of the universe.

I chose this life to learn and to grow.

I know that pain is a part of life, but so too is impermanence.

I meditate on the impermanence of pain, but also the impermanence of no-pain.

In both pain and no-pain, I am the same loving light I was born into.

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