It is common to think of spirituality as being a mental or emotional construct and science as being a universal one. Many times, it’s simpler to separate spirituality from science because there are so many things in our world that we cannot explain with math or experiment alone.

We want to say, we are spiritual when we are praying and we are scientific when we are studying, when in fact, we are not one way or the other. We are not fractured into two types of people or two separate kinds of mind.

It always boils down to “Mind”

There is a simple phrase from physicist Emerson M. Pugh: “If the human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t.”

Humans have the Goldilocks brain. We can comprehend more than any other being that we know of because we have the perfect capacity for self-awareness and greater learning. We can understand the fundamental truths of our universe.

But the human mind loves to compartmentalize. We put everything into categories so that we can investigate, assess, analyze, and then move toward the things we deem as meaningful and truthful, and away from harm and lies.

Even though the mind is so quick to decide what is best for us, we need to remember: There is nothing in the universe that is out of place. There is a place for love, compassion and connection, just as there is a place for measurement, practice and experiment. There is a place for story, myth and ritual, and there is a place for fact-checking and critical thinking.

In our search for answers, we’ve collected two lines of information: stories from our ancestors, and facts from our experience. What happens when science and spirituality clash is that we feel one must be “more true” than the other. If instead we relax and acknowledge the basic nature of both, we will see that they are one and the same.

What do we mean by Science?

Science is study. It can be the study of anything. That means the study of the world “out there”, as well as the study of our internal workings. Now the question is: Who is studying?

What is it that looks out and wants to know more? Well, Dr. Ernest Holmes gives us insight about the kind of mind that can take on new shapes and answer more questions about the universe. Universal mind is the intelligence that is not confined to our own thoughts and emotions. It is the mind that can step outside itself and really assess what is going on.

Universal mind is the mind we tap into when we learn from others and when we dig deeper into our own beliefs and ideas. We stop saying, this is just the way things are, and instead we ask, What’s really happening here?

The mind wants to know. It wants to discover. We study because we are intelligent beings. Intelligence is only ever defined as the ability to learn and to know. Everybody has intelligence. Everyone has access to Universal mind. You can’t get out of reality and you don’t want to. Prayer and meditation are also ways of learning and knowing. Ritual and communion are ways of understanding our place in this open space.

When people misread science as being fact and spirituality as being fiction, there begins a power struggle. Sometimes we want to claim that our spiritual practice or our scientific inquiry is separate from our everyday life. We want to say, I’m meditating, or I’m praying, or I’m researching, so that I can deal with life, so that I can feel okay with the things that are outside of my control.

That is all included. There is nothing wrong with any form of learning. We are always evolving towards more wisdom and greater understanding. We are scientists from birth.

How is spirituality defined?

Spirituality is the connection we feel to the intelligence of the universe. It is the part of ourselves that listens to the wind and hears a voice. It is the mind that dreams. It is the mind that reaches past concrete facts and asks, but why?

We want to know why we’re here. And, we have a lot of stories to choose from. Creationism and Archeology are just the mind seeking its own origin story. Religion and Mathematics are the mind finding patterns and relationships in a recognizable and practicable way. Spirituality and Science of any sort are just the mind learning and growing.

There are endless avenues through which we can choose to experience the world. However, we mustn’t ever think that we can pull away from our own lived experience to gain some higher knowledge. Higher knowledge is ingrained in the fabric of reality. God is in the beaker and in the measuring tape. God is in the trees, and the air we breathe. God is in the dishes, in the family dinner, in the laundry.

God is the truth we seek, whether that be through affirmative prayer, or a double-blind study, but how do we find it if we are always seeking?

Stop Seeking, Start Trusting

Before you can know your fundamental purity and perfection, you must ask big questions. It’s important to wonder about your life and your purpose. It’s important to be open to new research and methods. It’s important to have a spiritual practice and a scientific one. It is not important to seek forever.

One day you will know with certainty that you belong in this place, at this time. You will know this because it is the fundamental truth: There is a place for all beings in this universe. No one is left out. Whether you are an engineer, or an astro-physicist, or you are a shaman, or a preacher, you come to realize your innate goodness, your innate desire to create and to be of benefit.

Benefit is the only thing that we can know. We cannot say that our experience is “Bad” or “Good” or “Neutral” because all roads lead to God. God is not a referee. God is not a boogeyman. God is the completion of study.

You are complete. You are whole. Your practice, your research, your wisdom, it is all included. Here at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert, you can discover that completion for yourself.

There is no longer need to compartmentalize, yet it will happen again and again. Only now, you can ask yourself, is this included? Is this? Always the answer is yes and always the result is more benefit when you are willing to see the universe as it is and not what you’ve been taught it is, or what you think it should be.

Open to your beneficial nature and be complete. Or keep seeking if you must, but know that there is only all-inclusive completion. You will find your own way in this world and you will understand your part in the great completion of the universe.

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