How to Create Affirmative Prayers for Good Health

What are Affirmative Prayers?

Affirmative Prayers are directed prayers, and when it comes to your health, nothing is as important as mindset. You could be receiving life-saving medicine and still feel helpless, disappointed, and miserable. You could be on death’s door and still feel hopeful, clear, and present.


The way you pray will set the tone for the way you interact with your world and your body. You may feel totally out of control and still you can find peace through thoughtful and potent prayer.


Prayer is our heartfelt communication with the universe. Your higher power hears your inner voice, and your words ripple out into the cosmos to intermingle with the forces of nature in their incalculable way.


Taking this down to the everyday experience, your prayer is your reminder of what’s important to you. Your prayer is your focal point during stressful or intense situations. There is nothing more precious than a prayer you keep alive through meditation and daily practice.

What is the practice of Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative prayers acknowledge what is already present in your life. These types of prayers can express gratitude and pleasure for the many blessings we don’t think about until we stop what we’re doing and take a moment to admire our many daily manifestations.


Affirmative prayers do not carry an undertone of desire, bargaining, or pleading with the universe. They are wholly empowering. We recognize our ability to fulfill our own prayers and to move through whatever life throws at us because we are centered on an ultimate power.


Affirmative prayers are spontaneous, and they don’t require any pre-planning. However, they are most effective when they contain these five elements:


  1. Recognition
  2. Unification
  3. Realization
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. Release


Recognition for Health

This is your opportunity to acknowledge your higher power as your source of strength and healing. Recognize the internal force that drives your body and mind. Recognize the limitless power that propels you and always cradles you.


If you don’t have a higher power but you want to start praying, remember that you are your own connection to source. The creator doesn’t care what you call them. They are here for us. They are here for you. You can depend on yourself, and you can depend on whatever power you call upon. So, begin your prayers by recognizing the goodness in you, the bright light in your own eyes, and the warmth you feel inside yourself.



Holy creator,


Dear Lord,

Great spirit,


God Almighty

Unification for Health

Here you can realize how all parts of your journey are unified. There is nothing in your experience that can be outside of the process. The entire universe is interconnected and moving as one, with no galaxy outside of it, no planet, no person, no microbe. State this in your prayer and communicate your understanding.



I open to the powers that unite me to your great shine,

I am one with your divine plan and purpose,

I accept my path within your omnipotent light,

I align my life to you and your loving wisdom

Realization for Health

Realization for Health

You are a part of the whole and the creator lives in you too. In your realization, express what it means to be a conduit for God and how that relates to your experience now. You don’t have to be okay with what’s going on in your life, but you have to be willing to choose peace when you can.


Realize that you are precious and you are loved and your purpose on this planet is to bring benefit. Nothing needs to change for you to be beneficial. Even when you are sick, even when you are miserable, you are fully realized and lacking nothing.



My openness to experience is my power to heal,

My purpose in your grand plan enables me to draw strength from your wells,

My acceptance of light and love empowers me to heal,

My alignment to wisdom rewires me for loving energy


Thanksgiving for Health

Give thanks for the major things that make your life better. All the medications and technology, all the specialists and care staff, all the family and friends who support you through it all, all these things are miracles. Give thanks for the tiniest rays of sunshine in your days and for the life-giving rains.


You are not expected to give gratitude where gratitude is not felt. That is an unhealthy waste of words. Your affirmation is truthful and therein lies the power of gratitude. When you are grateful for the health you still have, then you can easily manage the difficult parts of your day because you’re not blinded by the challenge, you’re encouraged by the support you have.



Thank you for the endless lessons I’ve learned, and the many ways my own powers continue to astound me,

Thank you for the knowledge that my struggles are impermanent and my strength is ever growing,

Thank you for the transformations I have undergone, and thank you for the warmth and wisdom I receive,

Thank you for the limitless love I receive and all the people in my life that care for me

Release for Health

Release for Health

Simply release your prayer into the vast unknown and trust that you have been heard. There is no lag time between when you release your prayer and when the universe receives it. Everything is instantaneous. You don’t have to wait around for an answer. You need only to continue doing what you know is required to keep you healthy. Remember your prayer and use it as your focal point when you feel out of sorts.




So it is,

All is as it should be,

This I know to be true


Final Instructions

Think about what you are really reaching for when you close your eyes to pray. You are not looking for a way out of your pain and anguish. You are looking for a way in. You are digging deeper into your recesses for the light that emanates within. Your prayer is your totem and it is a treasure trove of courage and release.


Find the words that ring true for you and repeat them to yourself. Journal through your journey and keep stock of the new prayers that come to you. Share yourself with your loved ones and share the prayers that bring you comfort. You can build a wealth of health within your world simply by being open to the power that already exists around you.




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