Create An affirmative Prayer to Find a Soulmate

Create an Affirmative Prayer to Find Your Soulmate

How can an affirmative prayer help you find your soulmate?  Love is one of the treasures we can all expect out of life, but there is more to it than romance and passion. A soulmate is someone who matches your rhythm. They are someone who can speak your love language and read the changes in you as you grow together. Your lives meld into one another’s, even if you don’t do everything together. You feel at home with your soulmate and in order to find each other, you both make a nest for your spiritual bodies.

What does it mean to “Find Love”?

We don’t so much seek love out as we do open our eyes to the waves of love already lapping at our toes. We start to think about the kind of partner we’d want to spend time with. We want to share our spirit with the most special beings in our lives and we want to keep up with our favorite activities. So, we do.

We affirm that we are already in the right place at the right time. We know that our choices lead us towards our future, always. We are always moving towards the next perfect moment because we take life as it comes, in all its splendor and novelty.

How do I open up to Love?

Whenever you feel comfortable, just be yourself fully around the people in your life. This can even include strangers. You’ll start to notice the spark of inspiration and understanding you receive from others. You’ll notice who is more open with you and you’ll see who still struggles.

Prayer can help you to affirm the loving nature of every human being. Every person on earth is capable of love and deserving of love. After a relationship has ended, love mends the broken heart and helps it to open to a new partnership.

You can step back and take in the view of your friends and loved ones. You might notice new people entering this magnificent spread. Ask people about themselves. Engage them in their own words, take a peek at the things they find fascinating.

Make time to connect in all sorts of different ways, with all sorts of different people. If that sounds exhausting, try a few different things with a couple of people, but if you’re looking for a partner outside of your sphere, you may need to step out of your box. Do so in a way that is sustainable and enjoyable for you.

Find out what makes your favorite people truly unique and meaningful to you. Affirmative prayer will be a confirmation of the true love in all your relationships. It is your sure-fire way to find love’s constant presence in your life.

Will Affirmative Prayer help me find a soul mate?

When people are introduced to affirmations, there can be confusion about how the process works. Some people believe that by praying for a soulmate, their soulmate will magically appear. On the other hand, others might not see any connection between prayer and manifestation.

There is an immutable connection between our thoughts and our reality. Your belief in true love is your steadfast commitment to being that love for yourself first, and then for somebody else. Prayer enables you to show love, no matter what that means for you.

Not everyone wants to sing it from the highest mountain. Not everyone wants to shower their lover in gifts. Prayer is a quiet reflection. Take a look in the mirror and see what you’ve been projecting.

What kinds of signals are you giving to yourself and others? Are you practicing positive self-talk? Reminding yourself gently that you are worthy of love, and you are ready for it?

Prayer is the acknowledgement of completion. You are already complete. You don’t need a partner to feel complete. You were born complete.

Having a life partner means you get to share your completion with another person, but the love you have for each other doesn’t depend on anything at all. It is simply an outpouring of love. Love begets love. Prayer is your acknowledgement of that omnipresent loving energy.

How do I start an Affirmative Prayer?


Begin your prayer with recognition. Recognize who you are praying to. Recognize the power that fuels your experience. Really get to know what your higher power feels like and how you want to address them:


Dear Lord,

Single Consciousness,

Spirit Guide,

Divine Goddess,

Universal Intelligence,


Remember, your partner may not have the same higher power as you. That doesn’t mean you aren’t both praying to the same fundamental source. There is no reason why a difference in faith has to lead to arguments or rifts. Recognize the virtues in your love’s practice and seek to understand their customs and rituals.



Next, note your unchanging state of grace in the eyes of your creator.

I am loved, and I love being in this place, at this time, in this body.

I know I am a part of something much bigger than myself because I feel connected to so many people and places.

I am worthy of love and I am held in the loving energy of the universe.


Smile when you think about how far you’ve come and how much love you can give to yourself as you learn to share yourself with another person.

I am blessed to have so much love in my life and to be able to give my love openly, without fear.

I can sense that I am in a good place in my life, and I know there is a partner for me with the same confidence in their own place and purpose.

I am growing stronger every day and learning to trust myself enough to let people into my world.



Gratitude is synonymous with love. Share your gratitude in your prayer so that you can meditate on the many blessings that come into your world when you open your heart to receive them.

I am grateful for every stage of my life that has led me to understand myself fully.

As I lean into love, I am thankful for my own vulnerability and authenticity.

I am grateful for my past relationships and the many lessons they’ve taught me about kindness and open-hearted relating.


Give your prayer to the universe without expectations or conditions. Let it go freely but keep its message close to your heart.

So it is.

I see this is so.


Thank you.


Finding a soulmate is not always easy, but it is impossible without first understanding the nature of love. The universe runs on love, and you can emit the kind of love you want to receive from your partner. Be your own best friend and watch as this kindness translates to your all of your intimate relationships.

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