Create an Affirmative Prayer for Finding the Right Career

Creating an Affirmative Prayer for your career is an important step. You’ll spend a great deal of time searching for, training for and executing your chosen career. Of course you want to know you’re on the right track. Affirmative prayer can be your tool for maintaining inspiration, motivation, and direction, no matter what you do for a living.

By implementing prayer into your daily routine, you can reflect on whether your needs in the workplace are being met. Then you can navigate yourself toward the work you really desire.

Sometimes you are praying for guidance, sometimes you’re praying for strength. All along, you are taking action to make your dream career a reality.


How can affirmative prayer help me find my dream job?

If you are still uncertain about the career you really want, then your prayers will focus on the things in your life you know you enjoy and the skills which you can build upon. No doubt you will have some idea of the work you want to do, even if you only know that you enjoy  kids, healthcare work, or mechanical tasks.

Your prayer begins with a simple affirmation that you are already on the right path. Every choice you make is within the great plan and so you don’t have to fight to get ahead. You don’t have to get down on yourself just because you don’t feel accomplished in your chosen profession.

By praying for guidance, you are releasing the tension that comes up when we feel like we have to do something worthy, and we have to do it now. We often forget that every job in every field serves a purpose, so it’s important to pray with a sense of compassion and understanding for ourselves, no matter what we do.


How can affirmative prayer help me change careers?

Sometimes you just know you’re not where you should be. Affirmative Prayer can give you the strength to leave a job you’re truly unhappy with, even if it is lucrative or prestigious. There is nothing wrong with wanting change, and meditation can certainly help you reflect on the specific reasons you want to make the switch.

When you go to work miserable and you come home miserable, then it’s likely that something is missing. In your prayer, you can address whatever is coming up for you without laying blame on yourself or the people you work with. It’s important not to feel like something has to be wrong in order for you to want change. It’s okay to just move on without drama.

How can affirmative prayer help me choose the right career path?

Once you have discovered a possible career, you may want to ask for guidance along the way. You’re bound to experience doubt, fear, hesitation, trials, and setbacks. The more that you face, the more uncomfortable you may become.

Moving into discomfort with steadfastness is your best chance of overcoming it.

Steadfastness comes with affirmative prayer and is guaranteed when you remember to take a moment to rest and reset before forging ahead.

You can go at your own pace and you can really choose your own road, no matter how many forks there appear to be. In your prayer, remind yourself of this fact and show gratitude for it, if that comes naturally to you. Notice how the affirmation is the power to move forward.

We only need to know that what we are doing is what’s best for us and our family. When we allow ourselves to be on track, then we can jump any hurdle. So review what incredible moves have led you to this point in life and look at the opportunities now afforded to you.

What is included in an Affirmative Prayer for Careers?

As with most affirmative prayers, I suggest a simple five step system for speaking with your higher power: Recognition, Unification, Realization, Gratitude, Release.

To begin your prayer, you’ll want to greet your higher power with a simple Recognition.

Dear Source,

Blessed Goddess,

Sacred Creator.


You can then acknowledge the divine unification between you and your creator.

I am honoured to do your work,

All that I do, I do for the benefit of all,

My small part to play has a special place in the workings of the cosmos.


Next, you’re ready for the realization of your career path.

Remember that you’re not begging for your dream job. You’re simply realizing how you must make your dream a reality AND how you are already doing that every day.

I am moving toward my goals by studying and even when school is stressful, I know I’m learning more each day.

My commitment to my field has given me the opportunity for promotion. I have the courage and competence to step into that honor.

Even though I don’t know what I want to do for work, I know that I am happy with the work I do.  I am confident that when the time comes to choose, I’ll make the right call.


Offer gratitude for the wisdom that your creator transmits to you in all your professional endeavors.

Thank you for the people I work with, and for the smiling faces that greet me every day.

Thank you for the place a I get to work in, and for the tools and equipment I get to operate.

Thank you for the strength to keep trying new avenues. I know that I can be happy in many different kinds of careers.

Thank you for the unexpected joys of my work. Thank you for those lessons I’ve learned on the way towards my career.

Thank you for the wisdom to know when it’s time to leave.


At the end of your prayer, you can release your heartfelt words into the atmosphere along with anything that might have been weighing you down.

So it is,

It is done,

I know this is the way.


No matter what your circumstances are, you can find lasting peace and fulfillment in your work and in your prayers. You can allow whatever is coming up to run its course. You can take the next steps towards your new line of work, if that is what’s required. 

Trust in yourself because your higher power trusts in you completely. That is what your prayer will affirm for you again and again.


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