Relationships – How to Write an Affirmative Prayer for Improvement

Relationships can be greatly improved by writing and reciting an affirmative prayer. Our relationships are our most treasured assets, and it is important to honor them in our prayers. Use prayer to remove obstacles in a relationship and to strengthen them. You can do this whether during turmoil, or after a fallout.

Prayer as Reflection

Affirmative prayer for relationships can be your salvation. When you are faced with a difficult situation and there seems to be no compromise or common ground, affirmative prayer can help. Not in the sense that you can hide away from your relationships. Instead, your prayer is a part of your commitment to clearer, kinder, longer-lasting ties.

You may not know how you’re being perceived; you may not know if your message is getting across.  However, you can reflect on your responses to others and confirm what your focus has been and what it should be.

Consider whether you have been trying to be right. How does that kind of intention impact the way you speak to people and the way you treat those who disagree with you? Is being right always important?

Reflect on attributes like tact and diplomacy that are equally important in different contexts.

Suppose you have a very narrow idea of what is right. How does this impact your relationships? Is it important to know the right way to live? Or is it better to let people live authentically?

Reflect on the influence of your relationships and how you have sought to influence others.

Have you been fairly closed-off to people outside of your circle? What does this do to your understanding of “outsiders”? Are there benefits of growing closer to people you normally wouldn’t encounter? What are the fears you have about this?

Reflect on how an open-minded respect can make a difference in all relationships.

Reflection is one of the most powerful tools we have for making change. If you are tired of the way you’ve been received by others, encourage yourself with short affirmative prayers. Center the prayers on how you want to engage others and how you want to be remembered.

Offer a solution to your problem or a resolution to the conflict, as you speak to your higher power. Remember that you don’t have to have all the answers. You can certainly empower yourself to consider other options.

Prayer for New Perspectives

Every now and then our vision for our partnerships can be blurry. We may not know what we want to be our legacy in the family. We may not know what the future will hold for some of our friendships. However, if you can make a commitment to your loved ones, then you can have insight into what will be best for each new hiccup.

There is never going to be a time that your relationships don’t challenge you to think outside of your own sphere. Right now, your loved ones are holding secrets from you because of the fear that you will not understand them. At the same time, you may be withholding your own secrets for the same reason.

The more we seek to understand one another, the more we’re ready for true peace and liberty.

When you pray for openness, then you make a prayer for all of humanity.  At this moment, there isn’t a person out there who doesn’t feel misunderstood. There isn’t a religion that hasn’t been misinterpreted. And there isn’t a community in the world that hasn’t been mislabeled.

Every time you remind yourself to allow people to be who they are, you are allowing yourself to be who you are. You are building a bridge between you and every other person on the planet.

There is never a good reason not to hear someone’s side of things.

Even when you realize that the other person is far away from your own reality, you’ve learned where they stand. You may never agree with their ideals, but you will not force your own upon them.

We should actively seek new and different information.

We should always try to expand our limited understanding. As I mentioned before, being right doesn’t always have a meaning. It isn’t always beneficial to say a person has it all wrong.

Sometimes facts and figures can denounce foolish or fearful notions. However, when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s important to allow people to feel what they’re feeling; to let them speak their feelings in their own words.

Pray to understand other people and your own mind. Then you can pray to reconcile whatever part of yourselves has been lost in translation.

Prayer of Reconciliation

The most powerful force for reconnecting with our loved ones is love.

You love who you love, and you want to energize and revitalize those connections. Helping all your relationships evolve into nurturing, respectful emblems of compassion through reflection and openness, is your goal.

You can pray to strengthen your relationships. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to affirm your dedication to your partners, your family, your friends, coworkers, and even perfect strangers. Short affirmative prayer is the best way to reconcile after any conflict.

Affirmation is not magic.

Affirmation is not magic because it doesn’t work without your active commitment. You must want to reconcile. Yet, prayer is magic because once you commit to a relationship, you can see solutions to your problems. You can learn to reconcile without the need to be right, or to make the other person out to be the strange one.

Commitment begets affirmation and affirmation begets commitment. Think about what it is that you want to dedicate your life to, and then bask in the radiant clarity and love that your Higher Power bestows upon you each time you meditate on your relationships.

Example Prayers

Dear Source/Universe/Higher Power, I am one with my partner and we live in, as, and through you. I understand how my anger has put up a wall between us and I seek to lower my defenses. I am grateful that my partner has had the patience to allow me to be angry. With time and patience, I can learn not to give in to anger, but instead to listen to their perspective openly. Let it be so.

Let the work that I do always be worthy, for I do this work for connection to them and you. I am proud to bring benefit to the lives of my clients and to my coworkers too. I recognize that I am not always willing to learn to do things differently and this affects my ability to help individuals’ needs. Thank you for the clarity my boss showed when they explained the situation to me and thank you for my own clarity in asking for support through the changes. I know that I can keep up with the new paradigm and I’m willing to grow into it. So it is.




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