Spirituality for Beginners


Spirituality is to the mind what nourishment is to the body. You can thrive when you find your reason for being here, and you can live through that momentous knowledge. You are here to bring benefit. That looks different for every person, and yet, it feels the same for every person because we are all tuned in to a single expanse of intelligence.

In your search for spiritual purpose, you learn to trust your higher power. A higher power is the force on which you can always depend. It’s the source of your animation. Everyone is going to have a name for this, and that’s okay. God, Allah, Creator, Source, Goddess, Jehovah, Mind, Great Spirit, and Open Intelligence are all synonymous.

The difference is the practice.

How to Choose a Spiritual Practice

No matter where you are along your path, opening your life to a practice of spirituality is like opening a window to your soul. By having a routine, you can manifest the best version of yourself because you are actively working toward more stability, clarity, peace, and prosperity.

Who are you? Who do you want to be? These questions come up again and again, and spirituality is the process of discovery. Everyone finds their practice through gradual but straightforward means.

First, there is an introduction to a teaching which evokes understanding and connection. This teaching may end up being the first of many. It’s a rare experience to meet your perfect teacher the first time.

The teacher is the source of your spiritual understanding. They are the ones who transmit the teaching to you as if it were their own, and sometimes, it is. There are millions of teachers of all different religions and philosophies who have their version of one simple truth, which we will discuss at the end. 

Everyone gets a teacher. No one is left out. Your teacher may be a priest or a professor. They may also be a farmer, delivery woman, or software developer. They may be a thousand years dead or a newborn babe. Whoever leads you toward greater understanding and compassion for yourself is a good teacher.

How to Stick to your Spirituality

Once you’ve found your practice, be it one of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, sermons and study, prayer and affirmation, or a combination of all, you are ready to put it into action. Try them all out. Try out all sorts of things, but always bring awareness to how they impact you.


Check-in with yourself as you open to any new ways of seeing the world:

  •       Are you able to maintain a healthy mindset?
  •       Can you do the things that are important to you?
  •       Are your relationships stabilizing, along with your thoughts and emotions?


This is the clue that your teacher is right. Their method is working. It is also a signal to you that you were never damaged goods. You can heal from everything you’ve been through. You can empower yourself through a spiritual practice and benefit yourself and others by staying mindful and open.

No matter where you are on your journey, find your center, find the place within yourself that keeps you balanced, keeps you wise, keeps you whole. You don’t have to seek extreme experiences to feel okay. You can — and you probably will — but you can also take it really easy. Your spiritual journey can begin again and again, right here, right now.


How to Get to Know Yourself

What’s going on for you at this moment?

Don’t answer, just witness.

Experience it all, all the thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Everything is happening at once, and you are the eye of the storm. It is not necessary to hide from the thunder in your mind. Use it or let it rage on. You are not the wishy-washy waves either. You can make decisions and stand by them, AND you can change where change is needed.

Your identity does not depend on positive thinking or happy days. You are a clear sky even when your mind is in turmoil, or your schedule is deranged. You are whole even when you are cranky, meek, angry, or drained.

Regardless of the weather, you are complete. Your mind is the place where thoughts and emotions occur, but you are not made up of those things. You get to witness it all. You also get to choose what to do with it all. Your thoughts become form, whatever form you choose. Your gifts are yours to share.

You have been entrusted with intelligence. Whether you believe this is a blessing or a curse or a random occurrence, you are sentient, and you are needed here. You shine when you are committed to yourself and the people around you.

How will I know when I’m being spiritual?

You don’t have to live a certain way to be “more spiritual.” No one is “more spiritual” than anyone else. You are learning your own path of divinity. It is your choice how to live with others, how to respond to your world, and how to handle change and disappointment.

Only you can limit your place in this universe. Only you can honor your limitations without letting them define you. Your higher power is whoever YOU choose to pray to. Just pray to the one you trust; it doesn’t care what you call it because it is you. That’s the secret. God is you.

You can trust yourself. You can put all your faith into the goodness and the pureness of your soul. No story of sin or downfall should dissuade you of that fact, and no true teacher would tell you otherwise.


The Science of Mind

The simple truth of spirituality is that it, too, is a science. You are learning, and I am learning. We are all on this journey together, and we are all united in the singularity of existence. No one is left out of reality.

In the Science of Mind, we recognize the ultimate power within each person to create their own experience. Individuals are the power and potency of reality. We manifest our destiny, literally. You are literally building the world around you the way you see it being.

Together, we also have the responsibility to live peacefully and truthfully, and that comes with practice. Through practice, you can learn to see yourself through God’s eyes. You can learn to navigate your world without manipulating it or drowning in it.

In the end, our spiritual practice prepares us for death. If you train yourself to take things in stride, then death will not come as a surprise. Get to know yourself because you exist beyond your physical form, and regardless of what the afterlife is really like, you’re going to want to recognize yourself on the other side.

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