Guide to Spirituality for Beginners

People throw the term “spiritual” around a lot. It is fun to imagine our spirits as something outside ourselves, something we must nurture and maintain, something we need to enlighten and make good

But what is a spirit? What is this whole notion of a spiritual self?

Let’s have the simplest answer with the biggest impact, please.

Okay, the spirit is the part of you that is aware. It’s the learning, thinking, feeling bit. You can call this mind if you like, but then you get the holy trinity of Mind, Body, and Spirit, and things can seem confusing.

So, keep it simple. Your spirit is your mind, vast and open like the sky. Your spirit is your intelligence, capable of incredible wisdom and growth. Your spirit never changes, never wears down, never gets beaten in.

What does the spirit do?

The spirit holds space. That’s it. Whether that space is taken up by images, words, sounds, smells, memories, projections, whatever you can possibly imagine, your spirit is holding the space for you to have that experience.

I say you, but not because you are separate from your spirit. You are your spirit. Your eyes light up. Your smile spreads. You are the one experiencing this world. You are the one looking for enlightenment.

You can lift yourself out of habits and patterns that are frankly not part of the life you want for yourself anymore and make a clean cut severing the routines of negative thinking, addiction, extreme emotions, or whatever the case may be.

How do I get to know myself as a spirit?

You can begin with a simple practice of meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to look a certain way. You don’t have to buy a round pillow or light incense. You can meditate in the middle of an argument, a presentation, or a test. Meditation is the relaxing of expectations, the releasing of the mind.

Your spirit is always in a state of meditation. No matter what kinds of thoughts, emotions, or sensations come up, a part of you is never confused, never overwhelmed, never even drawn in. You are steady, and you can access this steadiness at any time.

Meditation can feel like narrowing your mind onto a single point of focus. You might have words like peace, courage, or love in mind. You might have a purpose or a job to do, or you might have a problem or an obstacle to move.

Whatever takes up the space as you meditate, you’ll notice the cogs start to turn and the layers of rust strip away when you’re willing to open your mind and let solutions naturally rub off on you. Meditation is solution-orientation. It’s paying attention to the situation you find yourself in but focusing on working through it and learning from it.

What can I learn through spiritual practice?

Whether you are an athlete, business owner, content creator, day laborer, or homemaker, you can learn to trust your mind. You can strengthen the faith in your own heart and use it to fuel meaningful relationships and powerful purposes in life.

There are hundreds of writings on the spiritual practice, including one very striking and pertinent teaching by Michael Singer. Singer wrote “The Untethered Soul.” This book is about expanding our world with spiritual practice and then reaping the rewards of meditation and manifestation.

What is the untethered soul?

The untethered soul is cultivated through simple mindful practice. Singer suggests a daily introspection, one that encourages you to dive deeper into your experience. He expresses that the stillness of our inner world is available to us at all times. This is the space where spirit resides.

Okay, we’ve heard about space; we’ve heard about meditation and mindfulness, but what does it all boil down to? The untethered soul is free to experience the world unfiltered. You don’t require a book to live by because you naturally discover your intrinsic code.

You are able to open up to new solutions, balanced decisions, wholesome relationships, and ethical work when you’ve looked inside yourself for the truth of your desires.

How do you want to live? How do you want to empower yourself? You are the master of your destiny, but you have to take responsibility for yourself. That doesn’t mean being hard on yourself or putting yourself down when you don’t feel up to the challenges you face. It means being your own coach, being the one you can depend on.

Taking responsibility means letting go of the victimhood we feel when we look to other people to hold us up. When we put our faith in another person or community, we can gain great strength, but we must also support ourselves.

Spiritual practice is education for the mind

This lifetime is full of lessons. Some will change us completely the first time we learn them, and some we’ll have to face again and again. If you want to learn your lesson the first time, you need to retrain your brain toward openness.

Opening up to your own power of thought and consciousness is your means of developing long-term stability and clarity. You can use affirmations and prayer to solidify the lessons in your daily life. Use meditation to tease out the solutions you still require.

All along, the focus is on bringing benefit to yourself, your family, your community, and the world. And also, you are learning gentleness and compassion for yourself as a student. Suddenly, you don’t have all the answers, but you don’t need to.

You grow comfortable with your internal process and your instantaneous wisdom. You realize as you practice mindfulness that your mind, your spirit, is always there, holding the space for your light to shine through.

What can a teacher do for my spiritual practice?

A teacher can jumpstart realization. They lead by example, and you can learn trust and appreciation for the spiritual life in practice. Follow teachers like Michael Singer and grow confident in the empowerment they offer.

Notice how they find words for the truths you already understand about the universe. Notice the new lessons they can imprint upon you. A teacher is magic because they take away the mysticism of spirituality.

Teachers make the lessons real. They bring the practice into terms of everyday lived experience. Rather than think of your practice as being something outside of your real life, think of it as the thread you weave through every decision you make.

This way, the focus of your life becomes spiritual freedom, clarity, and stability. This way, you reap the benefits of a purposeful life through simple practice.

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