How to Start a Spiritual Journal (Why You Need One)

When we go through life without conscious thought, we wind up on autopilot. We see the same problems, hear the same bad news, engage in the same conversations, and have the same expectations for life. 

There is nothing inherently wrong with routine, but each of us has a spiritual need for purpose and self-determination. I’m not here to tell you what you should strive for, but I know for certain that you can discover your own answers through a spiritual journal.

Press Pause

When life is running past you, and you feel out of breath just thinking about the next hurdle, you need to rest and take stock of what you’ve been focused on. What are you paying attention to, and what is it bringing you? 

If you have been pulled in too many directions or been obsessed with things out of your control, a spiritual journal can keep you centered. Instead of trying to please the world, spiral back into your own space. Evaluate your own place in the world and write about how you really want to interact with it.

Rewind and Reflect with Your Journal

Once you gain clarity on what’s been bothering or tormenting you, you can journal about the source of your woes. You don’t need to go into incredible detail about every awful little thing. You only need to acknowledge the instability, imbalance, or trauma and be willing to let it be as it is. 

Whatever has been going on for you is perfect. It’s the perfect place to start. You can’t begin a spiritual journey by ignoring the past nor by indulging in it. You want to get comfortable, even with the most uncomfortable parts of your history.

Journaling about your old lives enables you to understand yourself. It allows you to be kinder to yourself. You can see how far you’ve come, even if you’ve done horrible things. Even if horrible things have been done to you, you learn to outshine everything right here at this moment.

Press Play When You’re Ready

Take time out of real-life and just be present with our journal. You don’t need to think about what someone would say if they read your words. You want to allow the wisdom that flows through your pen to empower you to move forth with resilience and compassion.

After you’ve had this opportunity to step back, you can really spot the difference journaling makes to your work and relationships. You might start seeing your current problems in a new light because you see how they are a part of your journey.

You aren’t afraid of what other people might think or say about you because, again, you’re more concerned with reality, not the commentary.

It’s not a self-centered way of life. It’s a completely authentic and meaningful way to walk through the world with your head up and your heart forward. Go into any situation as though you had your journal out in front of you and rely on the wisdom you hold in all moments.

Set Your Own Pace

By journaling a little each day, you can notice right away when you’re overthinking or overdoing things. When you’re trying to move too fast or do too many tasks at once, you recognize what’s out of balance. The next step is to set your intentions and remind you of who you are.

You don’t need to accomplish anything. You are already fulfilling your destiny and need only to remember what is important to you. Take time right now to write a sentence or two about your values and your vision for the future.

Stop the Reel, Get Into the Real

Your life is not a movie or a book, but you are writing your part in the world every day. Spirituality is about making the right call for your character. Define yourself based on who you know yourself to be. It should not be who you think other people want you to be or who they expect.

Allow your thoughts to spring onto the page and read them like little cue cards. The kindness and gratitude you show, the goodness you see all around, are precious reminders of why you chose to be here. 

Instead of the blind progression or mindless regression, revitalize yourself through conscious interaction with the here and now. You know what you want in each moment, even when you feel confused. 

Simply press pause again, without fear of taking too long to learn. You are always on the right track because it’s being played one note at a time by your own hands. You start to unwind the tapes that say you’re worthless or stupid, or slow. Instead, you listen to the internal underscore of love and acceptance. 

Know Your Worth

Your journal is not the space to upsell yourself or try to make other people wrong. It is a place to find value in the way you choose to spend your time and energy. This is the perfect place to gain an understanding of the choices of others and the diversity of experience.

It is the perfect place, also, to regard your unique light in the world. You start to see how important you really are and how loved you are, even when these truths aren’t apparent. Use your journal to show gratitude for yourself and others, to come to terms when things don’t go your way. Use it to share about loss, grief, and discouragement.

Realign and Know You’re Fine

However you write and whatever you write about, always focus on gentle alignment to ultimate love. The love that is at your core doesn’t belong to anyone else, yet it is the golden thread connecting all beings. 

When you keep a spiritual journal, you are sewing that love into the real world. Whether you share your journal or it remains your personal tapestry, it is a reflection of you. How do you see the world and want to? How do you move through these planes of existence and want to?

All is included. However, your natural true north is your only guide. We cannot find our way in the world without a compass, but luckily, your journal can be just that. Not only can you learn where you’ve been led astray, but you can also visualize where you want to be and discover how you are already well on your way.

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