Holmes – A Beginner’s Guide to Spirituality and the Science of Mind


Ever feel like life is passing you by? Or perhaps like it’s leading you off a cliff? You want to relax or at least to learn how to manage your emotions and thoughts, but there’s always a subtle urge to overdo it. What you need is the space to transcend the ordinary mind for something more user-friendly.

Perks of Spirituality

When we reflect on our thoughts, emotions, and experiences, we instinctively learn what we want to spend our brain power on. We want to be alright with all things. We don’t want to give in to endless trains of thought or be controlled by our emotions, but we also don’t want to give up who we are on the inside. 

We can stop being victims of the world around us AND to the churning storms within. Instead, move towards higher learning, holistic practices, and opportunities for growth. So, ride the wave that drops you into all-inclusive intelligence.

Learn to incorporate meditation in a sustainable way so that it’s not something you have to jot down in your day planner. Take spirit healing to the practicable level and really be okay with everything you’re going through. 

Who needs Spirituality?


No one gets through life without their own personal route through the maze of life. Each person is already on their own path. You are right where you need to be, and we live in the perfect era for awakening.

Mankind is only interested in more inclusion, more connection, and abundance for all. Where we feel slighted is when some people take too much or harm others. This is included. The guilty and greedy are spiritual, too. Everyone needs a method they can trust to build within them compassion for others and understanding for themselves as well.

What Kind of Method can Anyone Rely On?

Candice O’Denver says it best when she speaks of the four mainstays method. This is an algorithm she discovered, which could apply to any religion, community, and society. We need the four pillars to be able to manifest clarity and stability. These include a teacher, a practice, the teaching itself, and a community.

When we think of a holistic practice, we may imagine going to the root of the ailment. Well, we also want to think about the whole system. There are ways to integrate kindness and wisdom into our daily lives as much as we do within meditation and prayer. 

What are you feeding your mind, consuming, and drawn to that drives you? Who do you look up to? Who do you want to spend time with? What do you want more than anything in your lifetime?

Ask yourself these questions, but also look to trusted teachers who can offer clarity on the subject. One such teacher, Ernest Holmes (1887-1960), has been a beacon for soul healing for nearly a hundred years. His teaching has been archived in “The Science of Mind.”

The Holmes Method is a means of bringing you back into your senses. That is, he has helped bring about a shift in spirituality from the arcane into the real world. His recognition of the universal mind is perhaps one of the most important lessons for our time. 

Holmes introduces a simple course to better understand who we are and what we can do with ourselves. He suggests affirmative prayer for moments of inquiry, intensity, or indecision. Take time with this simple practice and experience the awakening for yourself.

Holmes for Beginners


“We have within us, a power that is greater than anything we shall ever contact in the outer, a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied, and at peace, healed, and prosperous, in a new light and in a new life.” -Ernest Holmes

No matter where you’re at or what you’ve been through, you’ve got the power to bring benefit to yourself and others. Holmes’ research into the mind revealed that the potential for greatness in each of us never fades and never goes away. The mind can only expand. It can only open to the world around it. 

We can also feel disconnected from this power, but that is an illusion. It’s the same illusion that makes us think we can be closer to this power. We have unlimited access, but we must learn the difference between the individual mind and the universal one. 

Holmes draws light to the spirit that links us. He wrote multiple books on the subject, but perhaps the sweetest of these is “The Art of Life.”

You can walk through his soul healing process out into simple ease of being. The teaching is pertinent and practical, and there is a strong, thriving community within “The Science of Mind,” where you can share your experience and learn from the wisdom of others.

So, we have the four mainstays within the centers for spiritual living. There are dozens of living, breathing practitioners who serve as teachers, and there are countless teachings on spirituality for beginners. The community is available to anyone with an internet connection, and the practice itself can be undergone at any time.

“You are an eternal being now on the pathway of endless unfoldment, never less but always more yourself.” – Ernest Holmes

With these words in mind, take time to look, really look, without judgment, at yourself and others. Anytime your thoughts turn to judgment, reset. Rest and reset in order to understand the perfect universe that we both exist within and create around ourselves.

In a perfect world, we are not without mistakes, maladies, or misfortune. Yet, we increasingly find ways to rise above these facts of life. Follow the Holmes Method in order to live an empowered life. Focus on universal values like kindness and respect while learning self-love. 

All of this is within your power because even as you read this, you recognize the one who is reading. Say hello to yourself. Forgive yourself. Be yourself fully at this moment. Repeat that process until you know yourself like the back of your mind.

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