Better At Embracing Other Religions – Dr. Joe – 12.05.18

Better At Embracing Other Religions

Daily Inspirational Message – 12.05.18

Better At Embracing Other Religions - Dr. Joe - 12.05.18

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

I saw a musical called “Come From Away”. In the course of the musical, there was this song where a gentleman who was recalling a song he was hearing in the Catholic Church, make me an instrument of your peace. Simultaneously, someone at the Jewish faith tradition started doing one of their prayers and then a Muslim came out doing their prayers and they all melted into one beautiful, beautiful song. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could actually do that in real life? If we get to blend all of those prayers and that wisdom and that one idea of one God. If we could blend that all together and include all people and not excluding anyone but embrace all things.

So think about that today. How can we become better and better at embracing other religions, other cultures, other people? What can we do? Because I tell you what, they made beautiful music when they were praying together. And even though they were praying in our own separate ways, they were praying together. It made beautiful, beautiful music. I think we can do that in real life. Let’s give that a shot. Have a great Wednesday.

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