A happy and certain future – Dr. Joe – 04.14.19

Daily Inspirational Message – 04.14.19

A happy and certain future

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

I was having a discussion with some friends. In the course of the conversation, a few things came up. A lot of them had to do with projections of negative things happening in the future. I was flashing back to something Raymond Charles Barker said, and this is a 1950 something, I think.

He said something like, what are the indications that we are in a sick society? Today is the fact that too few people look ahead with great expectations. It’s not apparently normal to view the future as uncertain, insecure and possibly treasure it for years to come.

Our dreaded by many and the present day emphasis on the problems of old age contributes to a steady decline of vision and hope. Wow. I realize that 50 years ago, almost 70 years ago, that’s a lifetime. And if we still have a consciousness where the future is uncertain and we’re feeling insecure.

What kind of world are we going to create?

Probably not the creative world of works for everyone. How are we going to feel valued and needed? That’s going to be a really interesting day. I’ve got quite a different take on expanding the talk I did last Sunday. I hope you join us if you can’t join us live, join us on the live stream because I really do believe. I do believe that we need to change the indicators in our mind. The possibilities of a happy and certain future and our foundation also our belief system so they’ll manifest for us.

Have a great Sunday. We’ll see many of you in just a few hours for those that we don’t join us on the live stream@cslpalmdesert.org. Have a great Sunday.  Don’t forget, Laura Meeks is doing her visioning after the second service. If you want to do a visioning seminar with her, she’ll be doing it after the second service.

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