Dr. Laura Shackelford
Dr. Laura Shackelford Assistant Minister

Without knowing who you are and why you’re here, life has no meaning. You have only begun to discover your magnificence and the unlimited possibilities. Think of this time of social distancing, because of COVID-19, as a period of your life to mark a new beginning. You can feel it, and you have just begun to know the beauty and power of you. You have only begun to make your real and lasting contribution to the world. So step into this day, and step into your power. If you don’t know why you came into this world, or what your purpose is, it’s time to study those questions. Make sure you watch all the great conversations each day at 10:00 a.m. to inspire you. This time in our history, in our lives, is an opportunity to go deeper in our understanding and practice of spiritual principles. The Universe is counting on each of us to be all that we can be. Don’t you feel it calling you?

Have an incredible day. 

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