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Are you actively demonstrating your good? – 02.07.19

Are you actively demonstrating your good?

Daily Inspirational Message – 02.07.19

Are you actively demonstrating your good - 02.07.19Hi, my name is Lori Savage. I want to talk about demonstrating today. It’s the word we use a lot in Science of Mind. We talk about demonstrating everything from perfect health and wealth to parking spaces. Ernest Holmes says a passive meditation will never produce an active demonstration, any more than an artist can paint a picture by sitting down with his paint but never using them. I love that quote.

Here’s the thing. We sometimes talk about the demonstration as though it’s a passive thing. Something that happened to us rather than through us. Remember Ernest Holmes is very clear that the thing itself can only work for us by working through us. He says, a treatment which leads to demonstration, is not for the purpose of making something happen, but it’s to provide an avenue within ourselves through which things may happen.

So my question today is, are you using all the paints in colors available to you to paint the picture of your life that you desire? Are you actively demonstrating your good? Are you a clear conduit for what you desire? and are your actions including your conversations with others and yourself talk in alignment with what you desire? When I say action, I’m not talking about just any action. I’m talking about authentic action. I’m talking about action that comes out of knowing the truth. And I’m talking about action that comes out of knowing who you are. When you act in accordance with your true nature, your actions are absolutely lined up with what you say you want when you experience harmony, you experience peace.

There’ll be a divine flow in your life

Joy, and ease, and from that place, you can’t help but demonstrate. If there’s some frustration. If there’s something that you’ve been treating for and haven’t experienced it yet, begin today to up your game. To bring yourself into alignment with what you desire. Think small, sweet steps. Don’t worry about the giant leap. They’re not necessary. I invite you to prove your good. Demonstrate it now. The demonstration doesn’t come out of passive meditation. It is truth proved. Our actions are always informed by what we believe to be true. Pick up the paints and design your life. The one you want. One truth at a time, one brush stroke at a time. Be receptive to all the good that is already yours. Be willing to say yes in mind, word, and action and so it is.

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