Cheryl Guess
Cheryl Guess
Daily Inspirational Message – Cheryl Guess

Hi, this is Cheryl Guess at the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert. Have you ever been in a situation where someone that is near and dear to you is facing a tremendous challenge in their life? Whether it be an illness that appears to be incurable or a change in their financial situation, the loss of their job, or possibly the transition of someone that is near and dear to them. So how do you react in a situation like this? Are you the one that becomes this quivering mass of fear about the situation that everything around this situation suddenly becomes personal to you and then on top of what their journey is at this point in their life, you create absolute, total chaos around the situation by going into this place of fear, the fear that you are experiencing the loss of this person in your life or the change that is going to occur in your life.

So if you stop and think about it, all of us are walking our own journey. So whatever is occurring in someone else’s life, yes, it affects you emotionally because we are human. We do experience these fears. We do experience the pain of loss, but that is not your journey. They are walking their own journey. Now you can choose to walk along side them on this path that they’re walking, but you are still walking your own path. So instead of being the negative energy that is surrounding this situation, the one that it’s hard to be around because you’re a quivering mass of fear and loss and sadness and pain. Why not be instead, the light in a room? Why not be the one that remains in that place of peace and serenity and love? Now, this sounds like quite, how can I possibly be that person right now?

Look what I’m going through, but it’s not your journey. It’s theirs. So wouldn’t you rather be the one that they turn to instead of the one that they’re avoiding because of the pain that you are creating around the situation? You have within you, the power to be the peace and the joy and the love that they need in this situation that you are creating a space that everyone around you is surrounded in your energy of love and peace and serenity, and that you can be the one that accepts whatever journey, whatever path, whatever occurs in this other person’s life, that you are just Love in the room. And that you walk through this journey with them, surrounding them with your love instead of surrounding them with fear. I’m not saying that you won’t feel these emotions, that you won’t be sad, but do that on your own time. When you’re around this person or when you’re speaking to this person, be the light in the room, and pretty soon you’ll find that you don’t go back to that place of sadness when you’re alone, that you go to this place of loving acceptance of whatever is occurring, knowing that they are walking their journey and you’re just there to be the support and the love that they need in this situation.

So I ask you, I challenge you to be the light in the room. Namaste.

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