Be the light in the room – Cheryl – 04.15.19


Daily Inspirational Message – 04.15.19

Be the light in the room

Cheryl Guess

Cheryl Guess

Do you sometimes find yourself being really negative? When someone that is near and dear to you is suddenly confronted with a condition or situation or even an illness that seems to be devastating? It just kind of flows into you that this person is very ill and that’s all you can focus on. When even when you’re with them, do you find yourself being sad? down and negative about everything that’s going on. To the point to where maybe they don’t even want you around because you are just so negative about everything that’s going on. I’ve got a suggestion for you.

What about if you decide to be the light in the room?

If you decide to be the positive energy that is flowing throughout everyone. We are all connected. When you come into the room with an open and receptive heart, ready to share that light and that love. Stay in that place of peace and serenity for the sake of the person is walking through this. If you can just let go of what you’re experiencing. Put yourself out and understand with compassion in your heart what they’re experiencing. Not by showing sympathy and making them into a victim and not going into the same puddle of pain that they are in, but staying outside of it. Understanding with a compassionate heart, what’s happening to them.

Maybe you could be the thing that changes the whole situation. Just that beautiful, peaceful presence, that accepting and loving faith. Knowing that the Divine is always there and ever present in every situation. No matter what it is. I suggest to you. Why don’t you try it just one time? Be the light in the room. Namaste.

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