Become A Mind Manager Today – Dr. Joe – 11.27.18

Become a Mind Manager today

Daily Inspirational Message – 11.27.18

Become a Mind Manager today - Dr. Joe - 11.27.18

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

I talked to my Prosperity Plus class about becoming mind managers. Every one of us is a mind manager. We manage our mind, we manage our thoughts, we manage our emotions. If we don’t do that, we allow the external forces to direct us that we don’t have any control over the outcome. But when you’re in the mind of the manager, in fact, I think after everyone’s name, it should say M-M, mind manager. It’s because that’s what we all are. We’re managing our thoughts. We are managing our emotions. We’re managing the cause to our effects.

Remember that we’re always managing the cause to what will become our effect, so we have to make sure we’re really good managers. To reassure or supervise or listening saying it not it, it not it, yes I want it, no I don’t and have that management style to say, no, I don’t want this, get out. Not what I want that anymore. So become a mind manager today. Have a great Tuesday.

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