Breathe and Give Thanks – 02.09.19

Breathe and Give Thanks

Daily Inspirational Message – 02.09.19

Breathe and Give Thanks - 02.09.19

Brad Wentker

Hello, this is Practitioner Brad. Let’s take a moment and pause and breathe deeply, relax in the space wherever we are. Take a breath in a relaxing moment from our day, to remind ourselves that there’s one life, that life is God and that life is my life. And remind ourselves of what that really means.

The infiniteness of that loving presence, that ever available wisdom, that infinite peace, the overflowing order, that divine love that is in all of life. And everywhere present is right where I am. It’s within me. It’s around me. And It’s in everyone I come in contact with. It’s in every breath and every thought and every word.

For this truth, one above my life I give grateful thanks, but with breath, throughout this day I can feel the expandiness within me, that reminds me that all is God and all is good. And I’m right where I’m supposed to be, saying what I’m supposed to be saying, doing what I’m supposed to be doing and from that power of the presence of God within me, I can speak whatever truth I desire, to claim and it is mine. In this life and my life right here, and right now. It’s just truth. I give grateful thanks. I know this point about my day and I breathe again and give thanks and know this is so.

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