William Conway, RScP
William Conway, RScP

A woman was sitting in a restaurant enjoying her meal. Because she was alone she chose to sit at the bar. While there she noticed the waitress helping her. Busy but never smiling and as she did her job it seemed as though she didn’t enjoy it.
How much does our body determine our emotion?
Let’s try something. I’ll need your help.
First let me ask “do you believe you can change in an instant?”
Can you be happy?  Excited?
What if the waitress truly was happy but like the food she served her patrons, missed an ingredient, would it change the outcome and taste?

Ok, here we go. Let’s make a change in an instant, ready. 

Do this with me.
If you were sad, where would your eyes be, up or down?  Your breathing would it be shallow or deep, if you were sad?
How about your shoulders, would they be up and back or slumping forward?  And your walk , if you were sad, would it be faster or slow? 
Would your body feel light or would your body feel heavy?
If you’ve done this exercise with me, you have experienced sadness.
You took on the ingredients of sad.
Now what if you were happy?  Eyes down or up?
Breathing shallow or deep? Fast or slow?
And your shoulders slumped or up and chest up?
Your walk. Slow or faster?
And do you feel heavy or light?
Faith is acting without or in spite of evidence.
What if the person you wanted to be, happy, joyful, abundant? You name it, you could be instantly and all you were missing? The acting as if. 

When you look in the mirror ask your the reflection “do I need to tell my body I Am and align them with my thoughts?” It may be your missing ingredient.
Today Be-Do-Have. Namaste.

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