The Secret of Success

Class #1, Consciousness Studies Year Two

  • Taught by Dr. James Mellon

  • Wednesdays, 9/15-11/3, 7pm to 9:30pm

  • Classes online and in Westlake Village

  • Convenient payment options

  • Accredited class

Three Payment Options

  • Pay In full - Choose this option to realize the greatest savings

  • 8 weekly payments of $20 - Choose this option and you will be charged $20 for 8 consecutive weeks beginning on the date of your first payment. For example, if you purchase the class on 8/15, you will be charged $20 that day, followed by 7 weekly payments of $20..

  • $25 per single class - Choose this option to attend single classes. Please pay in advance of the class so your instructor can prepare for your attendance.

Important Student Info

  • All registered students will receive an email before the first class. This email will include online login details and a link to the class page. Please signup at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you receive this info.

Payment Option: Pay In Full


Payment Option: 8 weekly payments of $22

22.00 every week for 8 weeks

Payment Option: $25 per single class



Q: Is there a difference between this class and the entire Year Two series? Which should I take?
A: “The Secret of Success” class is the first of four classes in the entire Year Two series. If you are certain you want to take all four classes, you will save $60 by signing up for the Year Two series now. If you want to start by taking this class, select one of the three payment options above.

Q: Are there any requirements to take this class?
A: Students should have completed Consciouness Studies Year One or received prior approval from Dr. James Mellon.

Q: Who is this class for? Is it only for people who want to become practitioners or ministers?
A: No! This class will help you learn the principals and practices that will elevate your life, providing you happiness and success, and teaching you how to transcend the limitations of your past. Many people take classes like this to improve their lives. If you are inspired to continue your educational journey later, this accredited class will be a perfect stepping stone.

Q: What if I can’t make every class? Will I still receive credit?
A: You will receive class accreditation as long as you attend 6 of the 8 classes and complete all assigned work. See your instructor for details.

Q: How much “homework” is involved with the class?
A: Everyone’s journey is unique, and your experience will depend on personal factors like reading, writing and openness to exploring your inner self. That said, most students find 2-4 hours a week outside of class is sufficient for class assignments.

Q: What are the assigned books or readings?
A: Here are the books assigned for the class: “The Science of Mind” and “The Seminar Lectures” by Ernest Holmes and “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Q: Can I attend a class now and then?
A: Yes, you can. Please select the “$25 per single class” option. So that the instructor can prepare for your attendance, please do register and pay 24 hours before the class.

Q: Can I attend the class entirely online?
A: Absolutely! With our Global Classroom capability, we will offer all 8 classes via Zoom, in addition to the in-person option of attending in Westlake Village, CA.

Q: How does it work when some people attend in person and others are on Zoom?
A: We have cameras in the classroom that provide a Zoom perspective of the instructor, as well as group angles of the students attending in person. Each class has a technical director who operates the cameras and sound to provide the best possible experience for online participants.

Q: Please explain the accreditation process.
A: For students interested in pursuing a practitioner or ministerial license, this class will provide curriculum credits with the Emerson Theological Institute, should you wish to purse that path.