Memie Nichols
Memie Nichols RScP

   There is a longing within you, a mystical ache to express your intrinsic spiritual Self. This inner impulsion lovingly urges you forward until you catch the thought God had at the precise moment it projected you into existence. It is touching to realize that when God thought, “You” It thought of nothing else but you. You held its whole attention, love and awareness.

   When through prayer and meditation you awaken your soul’s memory of God’s original thought of you, you co-create with the Spirit, Its unique face appearing as yourself. You are an original work of beauty, light, love, joy and bliss. You have your own personal and intimate relationship with God. It loves you as if you were the only one in the world, because there is only the One. As you consciously cultivate this relationship, as you devotedly court the presence within you, you are simultaneously cultivating the original expression of Spirit that you are. Conducting this romance with the Infinite, satisfies and thrills the soul as nothing else can.

   To court the Infinite, you must first cultivate a desire to do so. Then, just as in any relationship, you invest your love, energy, time, and attention. Today use the little gaps of time to practice the presence of God. And when you can, incrementally increase the amount of time you devote to meditation and prayer. The results will astound you. 

Affirmation: Today I consciously commune with the divine substance of love. I am enfolded in Its presence and consumed by its beauty. 

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