Everything old is new again – Michael – 04.16.19

Daily Inspirational Message – 04.16.19

Everything old is new again

Everything old is new again so It is with New Thought religion, so it is with Science of Mind teachings. It is with the becomingness of our lives. Our lives are all within forever expanding. Expressing, experiencing beyond the precedent of our old conditions and from the Principle of Conscious First Cause. Everything old may become new again. As we choose to move beyond the governance of our given inheritance of old beliefs, values, and attitudes. We come to be gifted by the generosity of spirit, infinite inventiveness, moving in as and through us. We willingly released the precedence of what has gone before and willingly make welcome the potentiality of pure possibility.

Everything old becomes new again

Traditional thinking states we are governed by the conditions of our life. The truth is we are governed by our resistance to see things differently. Ernest Holmes wrote a poem entitled “You”, which speaks of the letting go, the old and making welcome the new. The poem reads as follows. You are as old as yesterday, as young as today, as new as tomorrow. You’re as old as last night setting sun as young as the dawn of today as new as your interest in living. You are as old as your fear of life, as young as your faith and hope as vital as your enthusiasm. You are as old as your memory of the hurt, as young as your dreams, as strong as your convictions.

Let the rising sun of this new day bring new light and laughter into your life. Guide you and let you see your heart’s desire. That’s a new thought, isn’t it? The power of changing our thinking and changing our lives by which everything old becomes new again. I invite you to make welcome the rising sun of this new day. Allow it to bring light and love and laughter into your life and guide you to see your heart’s desire. Have a great and grand and glorious day.

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