Daily Inspirational Message 03.17.19

Evolve Spiritually

What seeds have you planted for success?

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

As you evolve spiritually, you arrive at the conclusion that you can’t afford to let people confuse you. You can’t let circumstances get to you and puts you in a state of confusion. You can’t afford to have like resentment, anger, and fear. Don’t have those destructive elements in your consciousness. Now, I think it was Dr. Barker that said something like this. He said people who never would think of committing suicide. They have to realize that they’re probably doing the same thing mentally, emotionally over a long period of time. By there, I think he called it, their vicious emotional patterns.

You can destroy yourself through hate, resentment, fear and suppressed anger. It can take you decades and decades to do that, but the law of mind has to produce while your subconscious patterns are informed. During those years, while you’re going through that, your health is going to suffer and your relationships.

You’re going to suffer and your personal life is going to suffer

I think one of the key elements is as we evolve spiritually, it’s to eliminate that creates confusion. Eliminate that state of anger, frustration, and resentment. When we do that, we open ourselves up to that. We open ourselves up to the opportunity to receive the very best that life has to offer instead of those states of confusion. Which surround our subconscious mind and end up in form, in ways of illness and other ways. Something to think about.

We’ve got a great guy started today. Her name is Amy Armstrong. She’s been a friend of mine for about 11 years and she’s going to perform for the very first time at the center. I’m very excited about that and I’m very excited to have you there. Join us live at 9 and 11 or on the live stream at cslpalmdesert.org. Click on live services. We’ll see you there. Have a great Sunday.

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