Forgiveness Is Perfect Love

Dr. Laura Shackelford
Dr. Laura Shackelford

Hi, this Dr. Laura with the Center for Spiritual Living, Palm Desert. Sometimes, the best way to show love is by the things you don’t say, you don’t keep track of, and you don’t notice.

Now I know it can be a challenge to not give advice or not to criticize or hold a grudge, but the greatest kindness is often shown in letting things go. It’s not only kind for the person who we have perceived has done something to hurt us or we don’t approve of, but it is also a gift to ourselves. Remember, we all make mistakes.

None of us are perfect, but we can be perfect friends and perfect partners by allowing those we love to be imperfect. Give those around you the break that you hope the world would give you on your own bad day and you’ll never ever regret it. Learn to love the perfections of others imperfection and of course also of yourself.

Have a perfect day.

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