Daily Inspirational Message –  05.12.19

Happy Mother’s Day

Dr. Joe Hooper | Spiritual Director

Happy Mother’s Day for those who are celebrating Mother’s Day today. I want to make sure that we all give great thanks to the women who brought us into this world. Whether you agree with them or not disagree with them or not, whether they’re still on this planet or not. Whatever it is, they brought us into this earthly body. I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to those people who celebrate that. Let’s just celebrate the fact that.

They did a great job because they brought you into this universe

I was thinking about this idea of self-love, self-love consciousness. I think loving yourself is imperative if you want to have a healthy, loving relationship with any other person. If you don’t already love your self, you’ve got to find out what’s holding you back. I think some people try to keep a distance from relationships, in essence. They’re actually keeping a distance from themselves because they don’t want to get too close to someone else because they’re afraid they’re gonna lose themselves in that other person.

They don’t know themselves well enough to know one doesn’t lose themselves into another person. Rather they build together collectively. They become stronger as the two remain two, but stronger with their love together. Learn to love yourself. You can start by looking at that inward identity and that belief system inside the one that’s been discouraging you from entering into life. You know, just take a minute, get a pep talk from a friend. Let them tell you how wonderful you are.

Either way, you have to work to overcome those barriers

We have to get to the place where we love ourselves and where we know that what we’re doing, where we are is our perfect divine place. It’s a process. Be gentle with yourself, respect and love. Know that you have to have the ability to do that in order to move forward to wonderful relationships. I believe that’s what we’re all destined to experience. Happy Mother’s Day. We’ll see many of you in just a few hours for those that we don’t. You can catch us on the live stream at cslpalmdesert.org Have a great Sunday.

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