Happy Valentine’s Day – Dale Olansky – 02.14.19

Happy Valentine’s Day

Daily Inspirational Message – 02.14.19

Dale Olansky

Dale Olansky

First, I would like to just wish everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a special someone in your life or not. This holiday is all about Love and we all have Love within ourselves. God is Love and so on Valentine’s Day, I like to look beyond the whole couple thing of it all and look to the love of spirit that is everywhere Present. That Love, that heals all. That Love that runs throughout our entire being us and lifts us up to be in a state of peace and joy.I would like to share with you the words of Ernest Holmes with some things that he has to say about love.

He says, “Remaining constantly open to the love of God within ourselves can produce great results. So the essence of love may be elusive. It pervades everything renewing our soul and uplifting our emotions. We can all live happily, harmoniously, and successfully with one another. When each of us practices a conscious recognition of the presence of Love within ourselves and with everyone. We can overcome the troubles and difficulties that we had allowed to enter our lives when we remember that Love is that creating and sustaining presence with all.”

A great thing for us to remember

Remember that Love is the universal feeling that we all have. When we can come from Love and see Love and share the Love and show up as Love. We’re going to generate Love in our world. And that is what it’s all about is. Living in that state of love. This Valentine’s Day, when you see the hearts and the little cupids. Roses being delivered to people. Remember that those are just a symbol of a greater Love. A Love of Spirit, a love that connects us all at that heart.

Have a wonderful, happy Valentine’s Day. Whatever you end up doing just know how very loved you are! Have a wonderful day! Someone else will be talking to you tomorrow. Namaste.

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